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Bitcoin Data Suggests OTC Transfers Have Been More Active Recently

On-chain data suggests Bitcoin OTC transactions have been active recently, while exchange transfers have gone down. Bitcoin Fund Flow Ratio

Crypto Update 3 Min Read

Rockstar Co-Founder Dan Houser Invests In Blockchain Game

Co-founder of Rockstar Games, and one of the mastering minds behind popular titles like “Grand Theft Auto”, Dan Houser participated

Crypto Update 5 Min Read

Bitcoin to Reach $100K by 2023, Says Bitbull Capital CEO

Bitcoin has shown mixed reaction, falling together with equities at first, but then strongly rebounding. Many were wondering whether BTC

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Dogecoin Grabs Spot As 2nd Biggest PoW Crypto Following Ethereum Merge

Crypto Following Ethereum Merge Dogecoin Crypto Following Ethereum Merge is making some noise now. When the Ethereum Merge finally concluded

Crypto Update 3 Min Read
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