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The world of cryptocurrencies has evolved significantly over the past decade, with millions of new ideas emerging. This unique digital experience has fueled the growing desire for crypto marketing, the need to increase project awareness and generate the needed demand for the token. One of the keys to creating the required traffic is using crypto marketing agencies.

This article takes a look at the best crypto marketing agencies and their potential for boosting various cryptocurrency projects. In addition, this article discusses the different pricing strategies of these agencies.

What do crypto marketing agencies do?

The crypto arena, just like the internet, is growing and changing rapidly. This means that the internet marketing tools that existed in the past may not be viable now, hence the need to develop more effective advertising strategies such as using blockchain marketing agencies.

Marketing plays an integral role in the success of crypto projects, especially because of the fierce competition in the market. Therefore, a crypto marketing agency helps new projects to match the existing competition by broadening their market opportunities. In addition, crypto marketing companies benefit from their professionals who understand how the crypto processes work and how to take advantage of emerging trends.

Top Crypto Marketing Agencies

If you are looking for a reliable crypto marketing agency, here are your best options:

moon strategy

moon strategy is considered to be one of the leading crypto marketing agencies that specialize in using advanced methods to promote various crypto assets. Moreover, this agency uses modern approaches to market goods and services to increase profits for the company.

Lunar Strategy - Crypto Marketing Agencies

Lunar Strategy looks closely at the different forms of competition one may face, which helps them formulate a market plan that will be used to achieve success. The primary tool used by this agency is a strategy that includes a 3-month upfront ad campaign. In this campaign, all ongoing business goals have a clear digital indicator showing the step-by-step process that will be undertaken to achieve the goal.

To enhance the experience, Lunar Strategy sends periodic reports during the collaboration process. Some of the key benefits of using Lunar Strategy are an excellent team of specialists who have experience with Facebook and Google Marketing. This means they know all the tools needed to make their client’s goals a success.

Through its team of SEO optimization experts, Lunar Strategy ensures that its client’s site gets top results, promoting the client’s brand or service. The last benefit of Lunar Strategy is the quality improvement of the content. Users with poor quality content can improve by optimizing it informatively and for search engines.

NO-BS Marketplace

NO-BS Marketplace is a crypto marketing agency that provides its clients with its marketing capabilities. This crypto market has four different features that it uses to make a difference: management tools, SEO tools, link building tools and finally, data and statistics. As a result, NO-BS Marketplace allows its users to minimize their errors while saving time and effort in the management scheme.

NO-BS Marketplace

All of their management tools are currently free for everyone; therefore, those who want to try it are welcome. NO-BS also provides its users with powerful analytical skills that deliver powerful results. This feature allows users to use SEO tools and track their website’s data to see how they are doing in their SEO rankings.

To help their crypto clients understand their website, the NO-BS marketplace offers them the opportunity to build backlinks to optimize their SEO work. Users may modify their orders in whatever way they see fit for their links. They will easily choose the keywords, link types and the target URL.

Users who also want to create their crypto content can do so and save money. The last feature is data and statistics that give users the ability to understand their domain overview and monthly traffic. These statistics will make users realize how much trust they have gained.

Bitcoin PR Buzz

Bitcoin PR Buzz is a blockchain marketing agency that has focused its interests on the distribution of press releases. Currently, the company enjoys more than four years of blockchain expertise and unique partnerships and experience. Bitcoin PR Buzz’s mission is to ensure that the ongoing crypto movement is sustained.

Bitcoin PR Buzz |  Crypto Marketing Agencies

The main asset that makes Bitcoin PR Buzz one of the best crypto marketing agencies is its use of press releases. Bitcoin PR Buzz has several press release services with a hefty price tag. These services include the Momentum Press Release Package for $3427 and the Breakthrough Press Release Package, which is nearly twice as much and costs $6497.

It also includes the Wall Street Press Release Package for $8997 and the Supernova Press Release Package, which has an excellent price of $16997. Apart from these press releases, Bitcoin PR Buzz also offers article packages consisting of the Breakthrough Article Package and the Supernova Article Package, which retail for $14997 and $24997 respectively. Each of these packages has its own terms and conditions which you can find on its website.


Just like any other crypto marketing agency, Coinzilla is working hard to become the best crypto marketer in the industry. They strive to ensure that their customers reach their intended global audience through exclusive offers and discounted rates. Coinzilla not only creates unique and desirable press releases, but also ensures that they are within the specifications of its customers.

Coinzilla - Crypto Marketing Agencies

The press releases, once posted, will be accompanied by close monitoring of the release distribution process. Coinzilla, as a crypto marketing agency, has also taken it upon itself to increase the security of its customers during transactions. The agency will provide its users with Escrow services that protect both the buyer and seller, eliminating any risk. Currently, they promise their users 1 billion impressions per month, 1.8 million clicks and more than 650 websites per month.


Those who trade crypto have several reasons to choose: PRNEWS.IO. First, PRNEWS.IO sees itself as the first online content store with fixed prices for its publications. This marketing tool allows users to track their online presence moments after press releases. Users also have the right to customize their press room to match their brand identity so that the rest of the population can easily access user information.

Finally, PRNEWS.IO has a very easy-to-use user interface that allows users to thrive in self-service to make all this easy for the users. Users can easily create, share and eventually distribute their press releases online without the disadvantage of constant emailing.

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Crypto Marketing Agencies – Conclusion

The world of cryptocurrency is moving forward; it is not uncommon for crypto enthusiasts to have a desire to reach a significant audience with their products. This article has outlined the best crypto marketing agencies and shed light on how their activities can help promote various crypto projects that their users have.

These blockchain marketing agencies just showed how easy it is to generate the necessary traffic to new NFTs, tokens and other crypto projects. Therefore, depending on the type of project being marketed, users should ensure that the crypto marketing agency suits their needs in terms of pricing and services offered.

* The information in this article and links are for general information purposes only and should not constitute financial or investment advice. We recommend that you do your own research or consult a professional before making any financial decisions. Please acknowledge that we are not responsible for any loss caused by any information on this website.

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