Bitcoin Logo History

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History of Bitcoin Logo

Bitcoin logo history

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Bitcoin Logo and History | Can it symbolize the ethos of a project? Wait a sec, I will tell you a marvelous story of how the Bitcoin logo went through evolution, and gave the faceless projects, many adherents, an image to hold on to.

It all started in 2009.

The logo you see now is way far from what it was back then. The earliest iteration of the logo was rendered by pseudonymous bitcoin creator Satoshi Nakamoto himself shortly after the software’s launch and featured a BC on a gold coin.

The first logo imitated the appearance of a gold coin. Some users suggested adding a T to the symbol – making it BTC – which remains the ticker symbol for the cryptocurrency today.

Bitcoin Logo and History Bitcoin First Image of Logo and History Date

The problem was that the Bitcoin logo lacked the finesse and “brand appeal” of more mainstream logos like that of Mastercard and Visa’s simple, but confident logo designs.

So, the Bitcoin logo continued its evolution. The logo has been changed, shedding the “BC” in favor of the now ubiquitous “B” with two vertical strokes.

Then, in 2010

Then, in 2010, out of the blue, a still unidentified user going by the nickname «bitboy” forever changed the visual legacy of bitcoin. He modernized the logo making it brightish and orange, flat and off-kilter. These graphics are widely utilized and riffed upon today. Was it a great improvement? You bet!

Bitcoin In 2016

It wouldn’t be bitcoin without a bit of controversy, right? In 2016, the guy named Phil Wilson («Scronty’) posted on Reddit, claiming that he was one of three persons collectively comprising Satoshi Nakamoto! Well, he failed to prove it, though. The current Bitcoin logo looks more professional and modern. The new Bitboy Bitcoin logo was also designed to be more flexible, so it would scale to both big and small screens.

The moral of the story is that good design is hard. And great, simple design is almost impossible. That’s all for today.

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