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To begin with, the founders self-funded the start-up. However, it has since onboarded several French and foreign investment funds, experienced entrepreneurs, and Web3 industry leaders. Jsquare (a specialized Web3 fund based in Singapore),  Sia Partners (a consulting firm with an investment arm), and 50 Partners (an investment fund co-founded by 50 successful entrepreneurs) led the latest seed round.

METAV.RS also relies on renowned business angels such as David Balland, Co- Founder of Ledger, Sébastien Borget, Co-Founder and COO of The Sandbox,  and Michael Amar, serial entrepreneur. Additionally, Thibault Renouf, CEO of Partoo, Joel Hazan, Managing Director & Partner of BCG, Sébastien Lalevée, CEO of Financière Arbevel, and Jonathan Bordereau, CEO of Golden Bees and managing the web3 accelerator of 50 Partners.

Furthermore, METAV.RS has already signed strategic key accounts, from the luxury industry to retail.

Quickly becoming the leading platform for brands to thrive in the Metaverse

For many web2 brands, the move into web3 can be a confusing one. Therefore, METAV.RS aims to make the move to the metaverse more accessible for brands, and allow marketing teams to integrate content simply and easily.

In particular, the team has deployed a 3D reconstruction application (3D Builder). The builder allows users to easily scan physical objects and transpose them into the metaverse. The 3D models can then create digital twins. These twins can be integrated cross-metaverse and/or integrated into product pages on e- commerce sites to boost physical product sales.

Speaking on the idea behind the creation of this innovate platform, Clément Foucher, co-founder of METAV.RS, said:

‘The emergence of Web3 is decentralizing the web and enabling the creation of many new virtual universes. The challenge for brands is to find a simple way to initiate and manage their presence in these virtual universes, so that they can benefit from greater reach and an enhanced customer experience, while maintaining control of their brand image. We are developing a tool that allows brands to easily manage their presence in the metaverse, a sort of metaverse CMS.’




METAV.RS was created in January 2022 by 4 partners with 3D and entrepreneurial backgrounds: Simon & Clément Foucher, Jérémie Salvucci, and Adrien De Lavenere-Lussan. The company now has 20 employees between Paris, Angers, Vierzon, and Hong Kong.

In less than a year the start-up has already created huge partnerships. METAV.RS is participating in—and, in some cases, creating NFT collections for—a series of events over the coming months. These events include the Web Summit in Lisbon, GITEX in Dubai, CES in Las Vegas, and NRF in New York. Furthermore, METAV.RS created a MetaJacket NFT. This MetaJacket has integration capability for both Decentraland and The Sandbox.

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