After Topping $15 Million, Dash 2 Trade Crypto Presale Will Sell Out in Hours

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D2T, the crypto token for the Dash 2 trade ecosystem, has hit yet another milestone as it nears its final total of $15,421,600 before making its public debut on exchanges tomorrow, Wednesday, January 11.

$15 million hit, exchange listing next

On Tuesday, the Dash 2 Trade ecosystem developers confirmed that the platform’s core D2T Token The $15 million threshold was exceeded to raise capital. The digital asset, which launched on presale in late 2022, has been one of the best performing new coins in the market over the past few months. Now that it has achieved its pre-sales goal, D2T is set for the next phase.

Thanks to their foresight, the Dash 2 Trade developers have already lined up an exchange listing for their new coin. Crypto assets are set to hit BitMart,, LBank,, and Uniswap tomorrow, Wednesday, January 11 at 10am UTC.

Dash 2Trade will also be listed Changelly ProBut no specific date has been mentioned.

Given the impressive demand levels seen by the asset in its pre-sale, there is no reason to doubt that D2T prices will see a significant increase once it is listed on these public exchanges.

Dash 2 Trade – A home for crypto traders

The native token for D2T is dash 2 business – A crypto research and analytics platform that allows traders and investors to cross-check their moves in the market and make informed decisions. Dash 2 Trade was developed by Learn 2 Trade, an education platform for market participants with over 70,000 people in its community.

with a view to becomingBloomberg Terminal for CryptoDash 2 Trade offers various features that traders may find useful. Users can access a strategy builder, receive notifications on new coins and presales, and trade through its application program interface (API).

There are also features such as social trading and access to signals, which help investors ease into the market.

Dash 2 Trade was created to serve as a repository of information that allows all investors to source high quality data at all times. The platform keeps investors updated on the latest market fundamentals and technical research, thus ensuring that anyone can profit from crypto regardless of their experience level.

Safety is another key feature of the Dash 2 Tread. The platform aggregates liquidity and activity data across coins, exchanges, and other platforms, ensuring users can analyze them to learn which projects are strong and which are floundering in the market.

In addition to all this, Dash 2 Trade also provides access to community initiatives such as trading contests and other games where users can participate and earn profits.

How does D2T work

As mentioned earlier, D2T is the native token of Dash 2Trade. Users can pay for the platform’s services using this asset – 400 d2t monthly for Dash 2 Trade’s starter tier and 1,000 d2t monthly for its premium tier.

This also D2T Token Holders will be automatically qualified for many of Dash 2 Trade’s contests and online initiatives. Additional functionalities will be coming as the platform grows, so D2T has some impressive potential in the future.

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