Ankr Launches Chainscanner All-in-One Tool for Developers and Users

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Anker Launches ChainScanner All-in-One Tool for Developers and Users

numeral, one of the blockchain industry’s top Web3 infrastructure service providers, has announced the launch of ChainScanner, an all-in-one explorer for app-specific (AppChains) blockchains. As implied in a press release shared with CoinSpeaker, the ChainScanner tool is designed to help both developers and Web3.0 users trace and analyze detailed data on their AppChain.

With the Web3 world growing at a very sporadic rate, innovators are now developing new solutions that can further break down barriers to mass adoption of the technology across the board. With developers spending a decent amount of time, resources and manpower to develop products that perform similar functions to Anker ChainScanner, and with its launch, this stress can be taken off the developer’s shoulders.

The ChainScanner tool is particularly useful for both developers and users as it presents an easy-to-use interface that enables seamless interaction with AppChains built on the protocol. bnb chain, AvalancheAnd polygon among others. With the Chainscanner tool ready for everyone to use, developers can focus on additional features that could bring some more benefits to the users of their ecosystem.

“ChainScanner is an essential new building block for AppChain that allows users to instantly create data, stake tokens, vote on governance proposals, obtain development resources, apply to become a validator, and learn all about the various chains. significantly improves the user experience with the tools we use.. That’s how we make decentralized apps as easy to use and as high performance as the centralized apps we use to interact with every day,” Ankr AppChains Kev Silk, product manager of the company, said.

ChainScanner is offered as an AppChain-as-a-Service infrastructure, an end-to-end engineering solution that enables Web3 developers to easily build custom blockchains uniquely suited for their app-specific applications. Is.

Anker ChainScanner Advantage

There are many gaps in today’s blockchain ecosystem that need to be bridged, and the main contributors to the growth of the industry are floating products that are bridging these gaps one step at a time.

With Anker ChainScanner, developers have the right to build their own custom applications on sidechain frameworks such as Polygon Edge, Avalanche Subnets, and BNB Chain’s BAS. This specific solution can help developers address two focal problems that include users with slow transaction speeds and high transaction or gas fees in the Web3 experience when transacting.

The AppChain tool provides developers with kinds of flexibility, including the ability to be able to choose the programming languages ​​of their choice, consensus mechanisms, and development frameworks. Additionally, time and resources can also be squandered to achieve optimal security as AppChain comes with a robust security infrastructure that negates the need for additional smart contracts and asset bridges.

The ChainScanner tool is multifunctional and its uses are diverse for developers to adapt to its features as well as it is highly functional for users who want information on the range of their desired chain, and usage statistics among others.

Overall, Anker ChainScanner provides a cheaper alternative than most Explorer and Oracle services currently available in the industry.


Anker Launches ChainScanner All-in-One Tool for Developers and Users

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