Aptos (APT), a Famous Public Chain with Meta Background, Is Now First Listed on MEXC

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Aptos (APT), a well-known public chain with a meta background, is now listed on MEXC for the first time

newest news Aptos indicates that it will launch mainnet in the near future. Meanwhile, its mainnet token APT was announced by major mainstream exchanges before it went into circulation. Cryptocurrency Trading Platform MEXC listed Aptos mainnet tokens APT on October 19th (UTC) at 00:45. It is the world’s first trading platform for Aptos.

The Aptos team will build its new Layer 1 blockchain based on the original Libra whitepaper. However, unlike Libra, the project will not focus on cross-border payments, but on smart contracts.

Unlike existing public chains like Ethereum, aptos Inheriting the underlying technical specifications of the DIAM project, uses the MOV programming language and the BFT consensus protocol, which aims to build a more scalable blockchain to meet the needs of billions of users and large enterprise customers, so as to create a more scalable blockchain for crypto. To store and execute transactions. property in a convenient way.

Aptos’ development is partly based on technology that has been publicly developed at Diem over the past three years. Move Language is a brand new development language that focuses on security, scalability and upgradeability of blockchain.

Previously, Aptos stated in its Medium that the original Diem team would attempt to relaunch the project as Aptos when Meta confirmed the sale of assets belonging to Diem.

Currently, representatives of new public chains using the Moov language include Aptos, Sui and Linera. The biggest feature of Move is security, which provides complete security for smart contracts in terms of language, virtual machine, contract invocation and contract operation. In terms of composability, Move offers an even better solution.

The data shows that under ideal conditions, the Aptos public chain could process 160,000 transactions per second in the future, and currently, it could process more than 10,000 transactions per second. As of now, there are over 100 projects under construction in the Aptos ecosystem, including DeFi, NFT, GameFi, Wallet, and others.

According to public information, the development team of Aptos originated from the cryptocurrency project Diem of Meta (formerly Facebook). Co-founder Avery Ching worked at Facebook for more than ten years as chief software engineer and was the technical lead of the Novi team, the former Facebook-owned encryption platform.

Aptos previously raised $350 million in funding from a16z, Jump Crypto, Multicoin Capital, Coinbase Ventures, Binance Labs and other institutions.

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Aptos (APT), a well-known public chain with a meta background, is now listed on MEXC for the first time

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