Avalanche Price Prediction – This is Why AVAX is Pumping 25% and There’s Much More to Come

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avalanche price

Backed by a strategic partnership with Amazon Web Service (AWS), the avalanche price breakout over the past 24 hours seems unstoppable. speed goes in AVAX comes amid market-wide volatility in crypto prices Which started last week. Avalanche currently trades at $15.26, showing its weekly cumulative gain of 27.2%.

AWS partnership ignites avalanche price rally

AWS, the world’s largest cloud computing service provider, is teaming up with Ava Labs to accelerate the adoption of blockchain technology across various industries. Ava Labs believes this partnership will create a seamless environment for organizations and individuals to run nodes on Avalanche, a layer-1 blockchain. Developers using blockchain networks will also benefit from improved strength and flexibility.

AWS intends to provide one-click node deployment to support the Avalanche infrastructure and decentralized applications (DApps) ecosystem. Ava Labs will join the prestigious AWS Activate program, supporting startups and early-stage entrepreneurs eyeing the AWS platform.

John Wu, president of Ava Labs, said in a statement: “We have over 500 applications on the chain and we would love to give them an even better experience and now we have a real partnership that we can look forward to an active program. “

The partnership is a win-win for the entire blockchain ecosystem as it is the first on-premise collaboration with the world’s largest cloud computing network provider. Ava Labs will add its subnet deployment to the platform as a managed service, paving the way for individuals and ecosystems to operate their own custom subnets.

The subnet avalanche is an infrastructure for the layer-1 blockchain. They allow the network to divert traffic away from the main blockchain and support AVAX staking. With subnets, projects can activate their own layer-1 or layer-2 blockchain.

Avalanche Price Relies On This Support Level To Keep Climbing

Avalanche price responded to an increase in investor optimism, rallying from the $10.50 support to a two-month high of $16.60. This move coincides with an expected breakout from a falling wedge pattern, with the potential to push AVAX to $28 in the coming weeks.

avalanche price
AVAX/USD 12-Hour Chart

Despite a fiery bullish outlook in the avalanche, the price hit a snag and pulled back to $15.59, possibly due to pressure from early profit-booking by investors. Avalanche price now needs to confirm support above the yellow band on the charts, with the 200-day exponential moving average (EMA) (in purple) near $14.55 to ensure resumption of its uptrend.

The same bullish outlook is reiterated with Dr Dovetail’s forecast on the price of Avalanche. The analyst highlighted via Tradingview that AVAX could climb to $28 if the support around $14.55 holds. “If price action can reverse this green trendline to solid support, price could climb higher to a target of $28 within the next month or 2,” he wrote.

avalanche price
AVAX/USD Price Chart

A retracement from the upper declining trend line would be extremely bullish for Avalanche price. Moreover, the Moving Average Convergence Divergence (MACD) indicator on the same 12-hour chart is still giving a buy signal, which means the odds are strong in favor of the bulls.

The IOMAP model from IntoTheBlock (ITB) signals another bullish breakout, supported by solid support between $12.78 and $13.31. Nearly 131k addresses previously bought 7.58 million AVAX tokens in this range and will be ready to support the bullish outcome. On the other hand, Avalanche price is facing weak obstacles to the upside, and with a slight push, it could move above $20.00.

avalanche price
awax iomap chart

Other Altcoins to Consider in 2023

Investors should consciously choose the components of their crypto portfolio as the new year begins and ensure they have the best risk management measures in place. One way to do this is to seek exposure to tokens in their pre-sale stages. except buy emerging altcoins In a bargain, investors get the chance to be early adopters in projects that could shape the future of crypto.

Meta Masters Guild (MEMAG)

A robust play-to-earn platform is showing a simple approach to the gaming industry that could increase user interest, which has seen a significant decline over the past few months. The team at the Meta Masters Guild says it wants everyone to be able to play blockchain games for free and start earning rewards for the time spent on them.

Players of the world’s first mobile-centric Web3 gaming guild will earn a currency called Gems. These tokens are versatile as they allow the player to swap them with MEMAG, the platform’s native token, which can be staked for more rewards. Some users can buy in-game NFTs with gems or cash out by exchanging them with other cryptos like ETH.

Meta Masters Guild Ecosystem Designed to reward players and anyone who contributes to its development. Some of the high-value contributions that are rewarded include game creation, supply of in-game assets to high-performing players, development of eSports teams, content creation, and participation in community events and gifts.

Investors can buy MEMAG in the ongoing pre-sale which has already raised $46.3k, selling for 0.007 USDT a token.

Now go to the Meta Masters Guild.

Fightout (FGHT)

Move-to-Earn (M2E) coins are becoming more and more popular in the cryptocurrency sphere as they serve to promote healthy living. Top projects in this asset class include STEPN, SweatCoin, and Step App.

However, they are yet to completely decentralize the fitness business, which FitOut believes will benefit everyone, including customers and stakeholders.

FigthOut understands that Web3 holds the key to the future of M2E, with solutions that can generate income for both users and stakeholders (gym owners). Gamification of M2E not only adds value and motivates people to create healthy routines.

With the new ecosystem, FightOut hopes it will remove the barriers to entry that come in the form of expensive starter NFTs associated with platforms such as Web3 Knowledge and STEPN.

The funds raised from the presale will enable FightOut to build an M2E fitness app and gym chain that gamifies the fitness lifestyle, where users will earn rewards for completing workouts and challenges.

Go to Fightout now.

Dash 2 Trade (D2T)

Dash 2 Trade, a revolutionary cryptocurrency platform, is here to change the way people view and manage crypto trading. This new ecosystem gives users unmatched access to world-class crypto analytics and social trading tools.

The platform is packed with features and services for traders as they navigate the ever-evolving cryptocurrency market. From timely trading signals to social sentiment and on-chain analysis, Dash 2 Trade Makes It Easy To Spot Trending Coins And stay ahead of the curve.

The Dash 2 Trade presale kicks off on Wednesday with the first listing on CEX on Gate.io and BitMart.

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