to Build a Multilateral Community in Partnership with Prominent Web3 Ecosystem Players

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coinspeaker to Build a Multilateral Community in Partnership with Major Web3 Ecosystem Players

Gaming is the fastest growing entertainment industry in India. The number of online gamers in India has almost doubled to 510 million from 269 million in 2018. With the emergence of new gaming genres, Web3 games have seen an interesting impact.

Moving on to the headlines of Web3 games,, a Singapore based social gaming company aims to create an ecosystem of hyper casual to mid strategy games.’s mission is to create an exciting and rewarding experience for gamers and sports fans, giving them a voice and a reason to celebrate. Bringing the vision to life, has increased strategic partnerships with key ecosystem players such as IndiGG, Glip, Metanomy, BlueLearn, while many others are in the pipeline. co-founder Rahul Singh said:

“These strategic ecosystem partnerships will enable us to reach and engage with a critically relevant audience and build’s brand amongst this TG. We aim to work closely with our partners and strengthen our combined user base. To create a meaningful and enjoyable experience and push the boundaries of Web3 adoption in India and beyond.

Even though Web3 and Metaverse technologies have not yet reached their full potential, many sectors have begun to explore their use cases to foster innovation, partnerships and engagement with new technologies. Furthermore, with communities becoming a huge part of today’s marketing era, is seizing the day by anticipating the next step and understanding how the future holds the promise of ‘immersive commerce’ for all.’s ecosystem partnership is a step forward in the progress of Web3. Glip’s Gamer Tools app with crypto wallet allows gamers to record and stream their gameplay on social media, giving over 5 million gamers an experience of early access to exclusive content, rewards and new releases Is. Metanomy and IndiGG, the two largest gaming guilds that are building a vibrant gamer community space with, are not only a channel partner but also a strategic investor. is also the Web3 Knowledge Partner for BlueLearn, educating the next generation of students on various aspects of blockchain gaming, thereby expanding not only their own footprint, but also the next set of Web3 builders Is.

The app recently surpassed 20K installs within two weeks of its closed test release, thanks to its community of alpha testers. The much-anticipated public beta release is scheduled for the end of October 2022. This release will have features such as a wallet where users can keep their digital assets, markets to buy and trade assets, user profiles and leaderboards as well as an improved version. current game.

Mass adoption of Web3 gaming is inevitable. The future of Web3 gaming looks particularly bright with companies like invested in creating a better and immersive experience for gamers. Even though Web3 is not here to oust Web2 from the throne anytime soon, it creates endless possibilities for developing an ideal ecosystem for experimentation, automation and co-creation – a path to a new and better experience for all. Expands! Social: Wire, Twitter, instagram, medium, discord, to Build a Multilateral Community in Partnership with Major Web3 Ecosystem Players

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