Coinbase Experiences ‘Network Connection Issues’ Amid Market Turbulence, Kraken Sees ‘Connectivity Issues’

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major exchange coinbase As of Tuesday night (UTC) time experienced network connection issues, which it says were due to high levels of sign-ups and transfers. KrakenIn the meantime, it said it saw brief and intermittent connectivity issues.

Coinbase announced yesterday that it was experiencing “network connection issues”, coinbase proAnd coinbase primeWhich can cause difficulty signing in. “You may experience slow loading on the web and mobile apps if you are already signed in,” Exchange Told,

Shortly after, Coinbase Support tweeted to users that the issue was a result of “high levels of new user sign-ups and transfers” at the exchange, but that a fix had been implemented. “The latency has improved dramatically,” it said, adding that,

“While some users may experience latency delays during trading, all services remain running and unrestricted. We will continue to monitor our improvements and apologize for any inconvenience.”

There was also a report that Krakeno Maybe “down” and facing potential problems since Tuesday.

Kraken told He,

“There were some intermittent connectivity issues, resulting in some clients being unable to access certain parts of the website. Trading was fully operational. The issue was immediately identified and a solution implemented.”

status page They say That the team was investigating an issue with Parachains on November 8th, and that customers may have seen a ‘no data found’ error when navigating to the Parachains section of the earnings page in their Kraken account. It has been decided.

Today, it began its scheduled Plaid Application Programming Interface (API) maintenance during which funding is not available through Plaid.

no connection to ftx

Another Surprise Came to the Cryptoverse in the Form of a Crypto Exchange ftx faced financial difficulties while its competitors Binance Came to get it.

Coinbase CEO Brian Armstrong tweeted that he has “great sympathy for everyone involved in the current situation with FTX,” adding that “the potential for customer loss at any point in time is stressful.”

However, he assured users that Coinbase is not in contact with FTX, its Coin FTT, or its parent company. Alameda Research,

Looking at the number of companies that have faced massive issues since the market downturn began, and since the fall Terra / Luna ecosystem, it is not surprising that many investors would be concerned about any potential problems facing exchanges and protocols.

Anything repeated There is a longstanding allegation that when markets dump or pump, exchanges face issues that stand in the way of users taking swift action.


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