Element and Fundamental Labs Supporting the Era7 World Cup Tournament, Building the First EsportsFi Ecosystem on Web3

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Elemental and Fundamental Labs supporting the Era7 World Cup tournament, building the first EsportsFi ecosystem on Web3

Era7: Game of Truth, a BNB chain top GameFi project, launched the first NFT TCG World Cup tournament on September 11th. The tournament has attracted continued attention from partners in multiple sectors of the blockchain industry. Fundamental Labs, a globally renowned crypto venture capital firm in the Web3.0 arena, and Elemental, the world’s first multi-chain aggregated NFT marketplace, co-found the Season One Era 7 World Cup Tournament (The WCT S1) prize pool and work. will be the sponsor. Together with Era7 to build a global EsportsFi tournament platform on Web3.0.

In the current WCT S1 prize pool, in addition to the 610,000 ERA tokens and $10,000 worth of ELE tokens (Elementor NFT Marketplace tokens) that have been invested by the Era7 team and Elementor, Fundamental Labs has added an additional $20,000 BUSD to a total of BUSD. The prize pool has seen an increase of 60,000 BUSD. The contestants who will eventually enter the knockout stage will have a chance to win these prizes, and the champion of WCT S1 will win 15,000 BUSD!

Officially launched in March 2022, Era7: Game of Truth is a GameFi project based on the BNB chain, which includes features from NFT, DeFi and Esportsfi. Era7’s journey into the blockchain gaming space has been supported at the outset of the project by some of the industry’s most prominent institutions, who have rallied behind its vision and mission. Prior to the game’s launch, Era7 had already closed a seed and initial private placement round led by Hashkey and Huobi Ventures, with a dozen others including Good Games Guild (GGG), AU21 Capital, AlphaCoin Fund, Waterdrip Capital There was participation from major VCs and institutions. , e.t.c.

Fundamental Labs, the company that helped develop WCT, is a leading Web3 and crypto venture capital firm. Focusing on fundamental innovations and growth of daring entrepreneurs, Fundamental Labs has positioned itself as a major player in the blockchain space supporting portfolio projects through its extensive network, ecosystem reach, and insight into various market opportunities. has been revealed.

Elementor, on the other hand, is the world’s first community-oriented consolidated NFT marketplace, positioned in the top 4 of the multi-chain comprehensive ranking, and also the No. 1 NFT MKP of BNB Chain. Both key strategic partners noted that Era7, as an innovative product in the GameFi field, will be great in terms of building a global Web3.0 light competitive event ecology in the future, promoting GameFi star players, and integrating traditional competitive games. There will be expectations for growth and development. the user. No matter the integration of resources or the subsequent creation and promotion of WCT profit assets, both partners will also play the biggest advantage in jointly helping to develop the Era7 innovative ecology.

There’s no shortage of innovative forces in the Web 3.0 space, and so is the GameFi industry, with the Era7’s 3 innovative elements.

  • Battle system: played over 3×3 squares in which two players play cards randomly from their pre-made -30-card deck, with each battle designed to last no more than three minutes; Thus it requires high concentration, familiarity with the cards and strong strategy, which undoubtedly brings to the player a great sense of satisfaction and achievement after winning the battle.
  • Ecosystem: Replace Play2Earn with Win2Earn. While players are in the process of winning the battle, consumption and earnings will be able to reach a balance between inflationary and deflationary activities.
  • EsportsFi: To create a platform in the history of Web3.0 with a competitive ecology and healthy community, building the first Web3.0 World Cup tournament system and raising professional EsportsFi (GameFi + Esports) stars.

Based on long-term EsportsFi features, Era7 allows players who love competitive matchmaking, to have a “winning” experience that suits them, enabling investors to profit in exciting ways and gives users who enjoy the entertainment experience. Satisfaction and achievement, attracting more players from all over the world to join Era7 and watch every stage of the project’s development. The “win to win” model created by the Era7 team allows users to be entertained and consumed in the process of “win”. Mild competitive environment and 3 minutes to play the game with high flip rate, which is in line with the psychology of blockchain game users. Through the above steps, it can reduce the entry limit of users and achieve user segmentation more effectively. The immersion and “winning” experience of all levels of users is ensured through the main economic system in the game.

Era7 will work with multiple partners to broadly promote WCT, launching approximately 10 full seasons throughout the year to include more e-sports enthusiasts and traditional gamers. The new attraction of WCT will be the “world’s largest online competition prize pool”. Web3.0″. In addition, the Era7 Championship will also release prize money and distribution methodology that is at par with future top international tournaments.

In terms of intense gameplay and competitiveness, Era7 will also continue to lead the trend of Gamefi 3.0, combining its own unique economic model with a range of development strategies in the following areas.

The NFT series continues to innovate around the different seasons of WCT

With WCT Tournament, Era7 will continue to launch new series of NFT cards and upgrade rights of NFT holders, bringing players more flexible deck strategy configurations, new skills and value attachments, allowing players to create a unique personalized competitive style will get; Also adding new fun and competitive features to the game.

Additionally, Era7 will also join hands with Element.Market to engage more participants in the design and launch of post-tournament equity assets, so that WCT becomes a truly grand event for all.

The essence of the competition is getting deeper in three consecutive minutes

The soul of Era7 is embodied in just 3 minutes, the team’s love for the product and the thrill of PVP and the competition based on the essence module in traditional competitive games is focused at the moment, the user has a highly enjoyable gameplay experience. Behind this is the precise understanding of creating products effectively based on user’s emotional experience and interactive experience. Around the short 3 minutes, Era7 three minutes of group battle, three minutes of tournament estimation, three minutes of spectator mode, three minutes of reward interaction…… Anyway, the three-minute mode will bring a more competitive entertainment experience.

WCT High Prize Pool Release Plan Every Season

The launch of the WCT S1 has once again raised Era7 user activity and industry attention. Also, after injecting a large prize pool with WCT tournament prize pools for each season, users’ attention will also gradually shift to competition channels with cash prizes exceeding net in-game asset reward returns, So that the in-game card chain and double tokens can be fully consumed and recycled, effectively reaching deflation. Subsequently, Era7 will also introduce a high reward program each season to guide players to more in-depth experience of the level playing field of the game, laying a solid foundation for the project’s long-term prosperity.

Continuous improvement of the WCT system to create the world’s largest Gamefi Lite competition ecological platform

Era7 will continue to update the WCT system, including Team Battle Mode, E-Sports Team Development Mode, Potentially Competitive Star Farming System, Tournament Bounty and Interactive Guessing Mode, Live Streaming Platform Creation and more. Based on the principle of fairness, fairness and openness, it will build the world’s largest GameFi Lite competitive ecological platform.

NFT is just the starting point for the TCG type game Era7. In Era7’s vision, it will work closely with partners to build a scalable competitive ecosystem including unique tournament equity assets, a live streaming platform, an eSports community, the launch of the GameFi IP and an exclusive animation series to build the Esportsfi model. It will also deploy the most advanced UE Engine and launch a range of Metaverse-based competitive gaming products in conjunction with the Era7 platform.

what is the era7

Era7: Game of Truth BNB is a gamefi metaverse developed on the chain. The game features card trading with the perfect combination of fighting and strategy. Players combine their cards as they improve their decks and compete in PvP or PvE battles.

These cards have value, and players can obtain high-value cards by collecting, fighting, trading, etc. In addition, Era 7 will continually update its GameFi environment by developing new cards, gaming methods, and battle passes to help users generate profits.

Era7: Game of Truth Official Links: Twitter, Wire, discord,

Elemental and Fundamental Labs supporting the Era7 World Cup tournament, building the first EsportsFi ecosystem on Web3

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