First Agreement – BSC Chain First DeFi Excess Lending Agreement Goes Online

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First Agreement – BSC Series The first DeFi additional lending agreement takes place online

With the development of the DeFi sector, the applications of the blockchain segment are becoming more and more abundant, and the liquidity digital currency lending market is exploding. The total value of dollars locked in DeFi lending agreements has increased by 75% over the past year. As of June 29, in the first half of 2022, the average loan size (mean) of the five major debt markets increased by 293.36%. Among them, AAVE V2 (ETH) and Venus loans increased by more than 1,000%, especially AAVE V2 (ETH) loans increased by 82 times.

first agreement takes place in a historical moment. The first agreement is a multi-guaranteed system contract agreement independently on the BSC Smart Chain, which provides on-demand decentralized financial products and derivative applications. Develop products and services for the public based on digital asset payments, financial management, lending and cross-border transactions. The birth of the first protocol marks a shift from a decentralized P2P lending strategy to a peer-to-peer-based strategy.

When the user takes out a loan, the user earns interest, and when the user borrows, the user pays interest. First Coin (FTC) is an incentive layer contract token, used to pledge and repay interest and other ecological transactions for use.

The first settlement has drawn a lot of leverage from several VC venture capital firms, receiving $10,000 from Singapore ANTS Capital 300 (0x8dd78f3fbec56a39954f5e50aa7a1e4c910f89fc) back in June.

first settlement benefit

  • high utilization rate of funds
  • low capital occupancy rate
  • Reduce the cost of holding positions
  • increase the number of posts
  • Minimize the risk of holding positions

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First Agreement – BSC Series The first DeFi additional lending agreement takes place online

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