FTX Token Price Prediction – Will FTX Go to $0 Like Luna? Traders Buying These Coins Instead

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Binance is buying FTX And the market is in turmoil as traders try to understand what this means for crypto.

For those who fund FTX, many may be wondering whether Sam Bankman-Frieds A commitment to respect the property 1:1 and its “property is fine” will be worth the tweet in which it was written.

FTT, the parent coin of the FTX exchange, initially looked like it was attempting to recover from a 32% drop earlier in the day. But it didn’t work out. Within an hour of CZ – Changpeng Zhao – posting news on Twitter that Binance was acquiring rival exchanges, the price turned south.

At the time of writing, FTT is priced at $3.55, down 84% on the day.

Can FTT Terra Luna and Go to Zero? Yes

Such is the selling pressure, as token sales across all exchanges compound the run on the exchange, increasing the chances of the coin losing all of its value. FTT “do a Terra Luna can” and go to zero.

Even by the standards of crypto, trading today has been a rollercoaster ride.

Such is the footprint of FTX and the Alameda Trading House behind it, its impact will transform the entire industry.

Even if the price of BNB has fallen along with the rest of the market, Binance The exchange is likely to emerge as the big winner. Already the largest exchange globally, Binance will now surpass all other competitors.

Adding to the shock of crypto is panic in equities today against the backdrop of the US midterm election and Thursday’s US CPI inflation data.

Check Out These 3 Coins Traders Are Buying Now For 10x Returns

Not surprisingly, perhaps, traders are either exiting the market, going short, or looking for low-risk trades.

But as Warren Buffett famously said, when others are fearful, it is time to be greedy.

And if you’re looking for market-beating returns, it’s in the presale sector that the alpha is to be found – you just need to know where to look.

At such times, the presale market offers a lot of opportunities, and Three Coins attracts attention.

Dash 2 Trade – Made by Traders for Traders

tops the list dash 2 trade, The project is described as a Bloomberg terminal for crypto.

Conducting due diligence and research in a fast-moving market as crypto is a challenge, so it is commendable for the retail investor to bring professional level tools and metrics. That’s exactly what Dash 2 is trading.

The project stems from the Learn2Trade community of 70,000 traders across Stocks, FX and Crypto. The ecosystem, and the dashboard at its center, is built by merchants for merchants.

In addition to backtesting, auto-trading, social sentiment analysis, and social trading, the system has a unique rating system to work hard to assess Presale tokens.

Dash2Trade recently announced that it already has a listing on the ElBank centralized exchange when the presale ends – a strong vote of confidence in the team of traders, quants and developers behind the project.

D2T token It is currently priced at $0.0513, but the presale is divided into 10 stages of rising prices, so investors need to move quickly to catch the lowest prices. Presale has raised $5.7 million so far and is in phase 3.

IMPT – Revolutionizing the Carbon Offset Industry

Another coin to consider. There is a big advantage of playing in the ESG theme. project is IMPT.ioAnd it has made it its mission to make carbon offsetting easier.

IMPT.io is building an affiliate shopping program to allow eco-minded consumers to shop from retailers in its network and they will in return donate a portion of the amount spent towards the green project.

In addition, the project has created a marketplace to eliminate carbon credits by “burning” the tokenized version of the credit on the blockchain. Credit can also be placed in the form of investment and trade. Those who choose to Kindle receive a collectible NFT artifact in return.

So if the energy-intensive nature of bitcoin mining is a turn off for you, why not add some IMPT to your crypto portfolio and reap the external benefits and help fight climate change in the process.

Retailers already in its shopping network include Amazon, Macy’s, River Island, Microsoft, Bloomingdales, Samsung and thousands of others.

Interested in such a project, the Kucoin exchange has already struck a deal to list the coin when it comes out of pre-sales.

IMPT Presale $12.5 million has been raised so far and the token is currently priced at $0.023.

Calvaria could be the next game to take crypto by storm

The third token that should be on the radar of savvy investors and traders is calvaria,

Calvaria is a play-to-earn epic fantasy battle card game, but it operates a little differently from the other offerings.

Firstly, unlike other similar games such as Splinterlands and Gods Unchained, its characters are 3D, have a story mode and you can play without connecting a crypto wallet.

Also helping it gain traction will be the fact that it has a mobile app and free to play mechanics so that those not familiar with gaming in the crypto world can indulge in minimal fuss.

We think Calvaria could be the hottest crypto game of 2023, so it makes sense to get some early exposure.

The project has raised $1.6 million and its RIA tokens are selling out fast, The RIA token is currently priced at $0.025 and the presale is in Phase 4 of its 10 rounds, with a target of $9,750,000.

Buy Dash 2 Trade (D2T) in Presale

Buy IMPT in Presale

Buy Calvaria (RIA) in Pre-sale

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