FUELARTS Launches New Acceleration Program Powered by Leading Energy-Efficient Blockchain, Tezos

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FUELARTS launches new acceleration program powered by Tezos, the leading energy-efficient blockchain

FUELARTS launches new acceleration program powered by Tezos, the leading energy-efficient blockchain

FuelArts, recognized for its analytical and educational excellence in the art+tech and NFT industry, will launch the FuelArts x Tezos Accelerator in early 2023, powered by the energy-efficient blockchain, Tezos. The new initiative is an 11-week online acceleration program for Art+Tech startups that helps companies integrate blockchain and succeed with Tezos.

The FuelArts x Tezos Accelerator is a unique opportunity for 10 selected Art+Tech startups to join the Tezos ecosystem. Running from February to April 2023, the program will empower startups built on the Tezos blockchain to be implemented under the professional guidance of mentors. Furthermore, during the batch, startups will revise their business and financial models, step up their marketing campaigns and hone their presentation skills to present to leading Art+Tech investors. Applications will be accepted till December 31, 2022.

Tezos is the blockchain of choice for artists around the world and home to some of the most promising Art+Tech initiatives including CADAF, CIRCA Art and fxhash. This year, Tezos will be featured as a participant in the world-renowned art fair – Art Basel Miami Beach, hosting a speaker series and curating highly interactive NFT-powered booths.

The Acceleration Program consists of 4 sections:

FUELARTS launches new acceleration program powered by Tezos, the leading energy-efficient blockchain

The new accelerator program accepts early stage corporate startups (Angel to Seed) with fundraising experience. The program is equity-free and will be highly useful for startups in the Prototype+ development stage. Startups in the FuelArts x Tezos Accelerator will represent the following segments across the value chain: R&D, Trade, GameFi, Management and Analytics. Advisors representing Tezos will assist startup founders in the successful integration of the technology tools.

dennis belkevichGeneral Partner of FUELARTS said:

“Tezos attracted more attention than many mega galleries at Art Basel Miami Beach 2021. Tezos executives at Paris+ par Art Basel and the Deloitte Art & Finance Conference 2022 confirmed that Tezos takes the art world seriously, aiming to provide real utility for the art ecosystem. We are thrilled to join our efforts in this collaboration, providing our experience, expertise and community on behalf of Fuelarts to empower art + tech startups with mentorship, investment opportunities, networking and technology.

Valerie C. Whitacre, Head of Art at Trilitec:

“Never before has the intersection of art and technology sparked global waves of innovation as it does now. FuelArts is leading the way in building new innovations and projects with impactful mentorship, funding solutions and challenge-driven results The Tezos ecosystem has been at the forefront of a thriving maker economy, supporting resource development and education for the traditional arts sector. The collaboration between FuelArts and the Tezos ecosystem celebrates the innovators who have shaped the future of these two sectors. Has opened boundaries, fueled futuristic projects, businesses, thinkers and next generation tools.

Thanks to this acceleration program, each startup team will uncover their market fit, refine their business model and GtM strategy, integrate blockchain tools powered by Tezos, and explore new investment opportunities.

About FuelArts

fuel is an investment platform specializing in the arts+tech industry. Its mission is to support the growth of an emerging web3 ecosystem by supporting adventurous entrepreneurs while they build a more efficient, transparent and accessible art market. FuelArts was founded in 2019 by serial entrepreneur Dennis Belkevich and former COO of Christie’s Americas, Roxanna Zernegar, ex-Senior Vice President of Artnet. From 2022 FuelArts combines an Art+Tech and NFT accelerator, a specialized VC fund and a research department that publishes Art+Tech industry reports.

About Tezos

Tezos Smart Money, which redefines what it means to hold and exchange value in a digitally connected world. A self-upgradable and energy-efficient proof-of-stake blockchain with a proven track record, Tezos seamlessly adapts to tomorrow’s innovations without network disruption today.

  • applications are received Here,
  • Admission Deadline: December 30, 2022
  • Start: February, 3rd 2023
  • Acceleration: February – April 2023
  • Display Day: April, 2023
  • english language
  • Modular Format: Online (Zoom Meetings)

FUELARTS launches new acceleration program powered by Tezos, the leading energy-efficient blockchain

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