Introducing MagicCraft: The P2E Castle Siege Game Shaking Up the Industry

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Introducing MagicCraft: P2E Castle Siege Is Shaking Up the Games Industry

As a play-to-earn game available as a cross-platform Castle Battler on both mobile and desktop, magiccraft The brainchild of EscortMobileGames. The game launches players on Binance Smart Chain with the Battle League (MOBA) game mode in a massive multiplayer PvP (player versus player) arena. Magiccraft brings players into the role of a large variety of characters running power-ups and NFT applications, coupled with exciting gameplay that focuses on replay value rather than the sole monetization of achievements and NFT mints.

Magic Craft – Battle Worldwide

MagicCraft’s gameplay revolves around an immersive player experience that includes high-end gaming mechanics in PvP team battles. Defeated players drop tokens that add to the winner’s overall holdings that can be used to improve character stats and buy NFTs, which are loaned or rented to other players for power boosts.

MagicCraft’s strong in-game economy anticipates the launch of multiple tournaments and championships, with million dollar prize pools, entry tickets priced at mCRT and livestreamed. Furthermore, players will not only be able to create their own tournaments, they will be able to live stream their gameplay in tournament format and attract both spectators and qualified competitors.

Magiccraft is the result of the development efforts of a 100 strong team that continues to gain traction despite bear market conditions. Guided by James Crypto Guru, founder and CEO with over 20 years of advisory and consulting experience, the team is ensuring a long-term interest in market trends and paying attention to players’ demands.

Magiccraft has already gained recognition with a spot in the Top-10 Trending Blockchain Games of the Week, First in the Top-10 Gainers of Metaverse Projects, First in the Most Potential Gaming Projects on the BNB Chain, Top-30 by Performance First in Metaverse Projects, First in Top Price Gainers on Phantom, First in Top-10 Gametaverse Gainers, and many more titles.

MCRT. operated by

MagicCraft’s magical setting paves the way for extensive gameplay opportunities overseen by stunning graphics, all facilitated by the native MCRT token with supporting marketplaces and staking options. The native MagicCraft MCRT token is used as the main unit of transactions to buy and sell in-game items and NFTs. Audited by Certik, the MCRT token estimates a total circulating supply of 1,570,000,000 and a total supply of 10,000,000,000.

The token is available on the BSC, Ethereum, Solana and Phantom blockchains, and can be placed inside native pools in exchange for rewards and passive income through a system of schemes. The token has already been listed on Huobi, MEXC Global, Bitmart,, Uniswap, PunkSwap and other exchanges.

There is no staking limit inside the platform, and this means that users can claim rewards and withdraw their staked tokens at the end of the selected staking period. The bonus yield is subject to change to incentivize holders for the long term and promote a solid balance reward ratio.

All MagicCraft players benefit from the base APY, which is the same for all staking periods, and bonus rewards – this also increases in proportion to the staking period chosen. In addition to staking pools, MagicCraft has a native marketplace that allows players to buy, sell or rent NFT in-game characters and items for rewards.

magic craft genesis nft launch

Magiccraft’s Genesis NFT launch offers players the unique opportunity to acquire different heroes of three different rare levels – Rare, Epic and Legendary, at 89%, 10% and 1% distributions, respectively. The higher the character’s rare level, the more rewards in battle. All whitelisted users will be able to receive Genesis Avatar NFTs during the pre-sale, no further opportunity will be provided in the future. Each Genesis hero character artwork is unique and features a different collection of skills, attributes, and traits that unlock a wide range of distinctive features and reward trees.

Magic Crafts Marketplace – Now Live

On 26 September, MagicCraft officially launched its marketplace, and it is currently in a beta phase offering access to holders of 1,000,000 MCRT, or 1 Genesis NFT. Encouragingly, they are set to release the beta to the wider community in the coming days, and the game’s release is scheduled for the fourth quarter of 2022 or the first quarter of 2023.

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Introducing MagicCraft: P2E Castle Siege Is Shaking Up the Games Industry

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