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Fight Out is positioning itself to take advantage of all the benefits the industry has to offer by bringing health and fitness into the metaverse. Its crypto token is one of the hottest in the market right now, with nearly $3 million in capital raised.

keep fit and earn

FightOut is a new initiative that aims to motivate users to engage in physical exercise and improve their fitness by providing them with incentives in the form of cryptocurrencies and NFTs.

Fight Out’s smart technology allows it to collaborate with users to help them reach their fitness objectives. It lets users select the fitness goals they want to achieve and which parts of their body they want to work on. The platform then creates workout programs tailored to these goals and supports users in achieving them.

Other than this, to fight Lets users monitor their many important – sleep, dietary intake etc. In this way, the app provides a holistic health system towards achieving results.

As they progress, users earn REPS tokens. In-app currency is awarded to players who complete fitness challenges, consume in-app content and engage in various social activities. With REPS, players can purchase items in-store, sign up for the platform’s subscription service, and consult with trainers.

Interestingly, using the Fight Out badge also works. Badges provide access to various perks, discounts and in-app benefits, and can be purchased with REPS. one with fight out web3 communityThere must be more use cases for reps and badges.

fight the metaverse

Fight Out is currently developing a metaverse where members can join and engage in various activities. In the Fight Out Metaverse, the user non-fungible token (NFT) incarnation. These avatars will be generated from the metrics of the players, reflecting the metrics and statistics of each player. The stronger a player is, the stronger his NFT becomes.

as part of fight out metaverseMembers will also be able to chat with others and join tournaments and competitions. Gyms in this metaverse will have screens and mirrors where players can display their avatars and buy cosmetic NFTs along with REPS and FGHT.

FGHT token

Fight Out’s core asset is called FGHT. ERC-20 token Operates everything available in Fight Out and acts as a medium of transaction on most operations.

digital assets Can be used to participate in tournaments, leagues and buy items in the Fight Out Metaverse. Assets can also be exchanged for REPS for in-app purchases, and users can stake FGHT to earn membership rewards or discounts from services provided.

FGHT is now available on pre Sales And has been one of the most impressive new coins in the market so far. The pre-sale of the property has raised over $2.86 million, which is quite impressive considering that the pre-sale is still in its early stages.

The crypto token is now selling for $0.0166. Although pre Sales It is being conducted in phases, with each phase increasing the price gradually.

Buy FGHT on Presale

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