Nexo’s Bulgarian Offices Raided, Samsung to List Bitcoin Futures Active ETF in Hong Kong, Trezor Saw a 300% Spike in Sales

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  • crypto lender nexoBulgarian offices have been raided by local police, as authorities investigate suspected money laundering, tax crimes, computer fraud and other violations. More than 300 people are involved in the operation in Sofia, according to a statement By the Bulgarian Prosecutor’s Office. “We are always cooperating with the relevant authorities and regulators, and we expect to have some exciting news in the coming weeks,” Nexo said. Tweeted, “Unfortunately, with the recent regulatory crackdown on crypto, some regulators have recently adopted a kick first, ask questions later,” it added.

investment news

  • samsung property management hong kong (SAMHK), a subsidiary of SamsungSamsung Asset Management, the investment arm of Samsung, is set to list ‘Samsung Bitcoin Futures Active’ ETF‘ In the Hong Kong stock market on January 13, Reported, ETF (Exchange-Traded Fund) being issued with the objective of tracking spot bitcoin (btc) performance by investing in bitcoin futures products listed on Chicago Mercantile Exchange ,cme, In addition, the Bitcoin Futures ETF will invest primarily in CME Bitcoin futures with a minor investment in CME Micro-Bitcoin futures.
  • major investment company tree of wisdom Monthly metrics released for December 2022, Reporting: 2022 net flows of more than $12 billion, approximately 16% firm-wide organic growth, with net flows in 7 of its 8 core product categories during the year; Fourth Quarter Net Inflows Exceed $5 Billion, WisdomTree’s Best Quarter Since 2015; and 9 consecutive quarters with record year-end assets under management (AUM) of nearly $82 billion net inflows.

wallet news

  • hardware wallet company Treasure experienced a 300% increase in sales as users moved their crypto following the collapse of the self-custody security ftx and contagion experienced by other centralized crypto exchanges, an announcement said.
  • Treasure Matej Zak, former Chief Product Officer, as its new CEO. Zack assumes leadership of Trezor from co-founder Marek ‘Slush’ Paltinus, who will remain at the company, helping to guide the strategic, technical and visionary direction of the business. It added that Zak will focus on increasing the overall utility of Trezor’s products to help encourage wider crypto adoption.
  • pontema product studio building for aptos ecosystem announced Ledger Users can now connect to the Aptos Layer 1 blockchain and interact with Dapps pontem wallet, “The integration makes it possible to swap apt and other assets liquidswap dexAlso interact with other Dapps using the Ledger hardware wallet,” Told the announcement.

exchange news

  • binance announced he Binance Nordics AB Registration as a financial institution for management and trading in virtual currency was granted by Swedish Financial Supervisory Authority (FSA). This enables Swedish residents to access Binance’s crypto and Web3 services, including euro deposits and withdrawals, crypto purchases with euros, trading, staking, and the Binance Visa Card.

blockchain news

  • Ava LabsThe company is building a Layer-1 blockchain avalancheAnd Amazon Web Services (AWS) partnered to accelerate enterprise, institutional and government adoption blockchain, Told an announcement. Supports AWS Avalanche infrastructure and dapp ecosystem through the AWS Marketplace, while Avalanche node operators can run in AWS GovCloud for FedRAMP compliant use cases, which is “an important capability and pre-requisite for enterprises and governments”.
  • Cello Foundationwhich promotes layer-1 cello Unveils its new brand identity and vision, designed in collaboration with New York-based agency Blockchain and its Ecosystem red antlerWith a series of partner launches and awareness campaigns aimed at driving mainstream adoption of Web3 by everyday users around the world, Told a press release. “Brand development sees planned launch Opera, gooddollarand with an NFT auction Velora And arigallery Featuring artists from Cello’s global ecosystem,” it said.

DeFi News

  • Decentralized Exchange (dex, hashflow announced the launch of its Hashverse Early Access Staking, which enables token holders to stake their HFT, earn rewards, and participate in Hashflow governance, it said in an announcement. Hashverse is Hashflow’s storeverse-driven, non-fungible token (nft)-driven, gamified Decentralized Autonomous Organization (dao), is expected to go fully live in the coming months.

investment news

  • KaiserAn application-specific capital management blockchain, raised $5.4m USD for its bridge round at a $70M valuation, led by Shima Capital together Polychain Capital, blockchain capital, hash cibAnd osmosis New investment comes from founder Sunny Agarwal anagram, cosmostation, keplerAnd everstec, Told an announcement. In total, Quasar raised more than $11.5 million for the development of its interchain decentralized asset management (DAM) protocol, powered by IBC-enabled smart contracts and a dedicated cosmos appchain, it added.

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