‘Next Stop, the Moon!’ – BNB and XRP Challenger, Big Eyes Coin, Is Exploding Right Now

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‘Next stop, moon!’ – BNB and XRP Challenger, Big Eyes Coin, Is Exploding Right Now

It is rare for a cryptocurrency to perform so well during a bear market. And yet, Big Eyes Coin (BIG) is doing exactly that right now.

After seemingly overcoming all odds, this adorable cat has raised over $8,000,000 in pre-sales just in a matter of weeks.

As Big Eyes Coin defies all economic logic with its two giant eyeballs, crypto enthusiasts are left wondering what this all means and whether giant crypto, BNB and XRP, might actually be intimidated by a cute cat ?

Binance Burns $547 Million Worth of BNB Tokens

BNB, the native token of the Binance platform, can be used to pay for goods and services, settle transaction feeds and also participate in special token sales.

The BNB token is famous for its auto-burn system which provides a deflationary token model. As the tokens burn, the value of BNB could increase due to the limited supply of BNB. The system used by BNB adjusts the amount burned based on the price of BNB and the number of blocks on the BNB Smart Chain.

Recently in its quarterly burn cycle, Binance burned $570,000,000 worth of tokens. Perhaps this is the reason why BNB has almost managed to stay afloat, despite the bear market. However, with the rise of the Big Eyes coin, will BNB be the only bear market survivor?

Ripple’s XRP Ledger Is Getting a Sidechain Compatible with Ethereum

Ripple’s XRP native token has been accused of being a “pump and dump” crypto due to the absurd spike in value during 2018 and the equally strange subsequent drop in value.

A pump and dump is a form of fraudulent scheme where a crypto creator encourages people to buy into crypto based on false information in order to increase its price. When crypto sells because of its hype, the price drops, and the crypto crashes.

To this day, XRP is still the functional crypto that people invest in. Recently, users of Ripple may soon be able to interact with Ethereum-compatible DeFi apps due to Ripple’s new sidechain.

However, Ripple XRP has already suffered. It is possible that if the success of Big Eyes Coin continues, this crypto may eventually become irrelevant.

Big Eyes Coin Stage 5 Presale is almost over!

As stated in Big Eyes Coin’s Twitter channel: “Next stop, to the moon”. And given the success of the coins’ pre-sales, it’s understandable why the creators of Big Eyes Coin feel that way.

Big Eyes Coin (BIG) is a strong Diffie community centered around the adorable cat mascot ‘Big Eyes’. With a pretty creative story about the origins of the Big Eyes Coin in its whitepaper, this cat aims to save the oceans so it can continue to eat fish.

A dedicated charity wallet that will collect 5% of the issued BIG tokens will be donated to the Sanctuaries of the Seas. However, Big Eyes Coin doesn’t just stop there. With an NXT sushi crew focused to promote ocean conservation, Big Eyes-themed merch stores, social media contests and multiple influences such as GinoAssereto (@GinoAssereto) and Ieda Wobeto (@iedawobetoreal), Big Eyes Coin picks up. Ready to stop and save the planet.

And from the looks of it, it already is.

Big Eyes Coin vs BNB and XRP

Without a doubt, BNB and XRP are cryptocurrency giants compared to the smaller Big Eyes coin (which has not even finished its presale yet). However, with the speed at which the Cute Cats presale is going, there is no doubt that Big Eyes Coin is capturing the hearts and minds of crypto enthusiasts more than traditional cryptocurrencies.

With over 50 thousand Twitter followers and 5% marketing wallet usage, the word of Big Eyes Coin will only spread further with time. As each pre-sale phase ends, the price of BIG increases by 25%, hence investors are encouraged to buy Big Eyes tokens before it is too late.

Although BNB and XRP have been seen as market benchmarks for a long time, Big Eyes Coin is about to disrupt the status quo.

Use code BEYES613 for a big bonus.

More about Big Eyes Coin: Website, Wire, Twitter,

‘Next stop, moon!’ – BNB and XRP Challenger, Big Eyes Coin, Is Exploding Right Now

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