Social Crypto Earning Enabler Pixie Offers PIX Coin on KuCoin

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Social Crypto Earning Enabler Pixie Offers PIX Coins on KuCoin

Today, Pixie – the pioneer and growing of a social crypto app with 30,000 daily users – lists its native token PIX on KuCoin, a leading global cryptocurrency trading platform.

The listing of PIX Coin marks the world’s first social crypto listing on a cryptocurrency exchange. Pixie, a Web3 social media platform, lets users earn cryptocurrency and own their data, making it the first fully functional product to leverage the innovative SocialFi concept.

A crypto-based photo and video sharing social network, Pixie is comparable to the Web3 version of TikTok and Instagram with one key difference – it does not leverage or sell its user’s data for financial gain. Apple’s . is already available to the public through app Store And Google Play Store, the start-up has gained a lot of traction with 220k active users as of this writing.

Users on the Pixie app share live or scheduled social media content in video and image formats to engage with their communities of followers to earn PIX cryptocurrency as a reward for their activity and impact. PIX can be used to purchase Genesis Camera, an all-enable NFT that offers many benefits to users, and will now be able to trade their PIX tokens on the KuCoin exchange.

Powered by blockchain technology, Pixie users retain all their rights digital content, such as copyright ownership, data and income. With the help of NFTs and underlying blockchain technology, Pixie is a pioneer in protecting the copyright of digital content from the very initial creation of the content.

The listing of PIX Coin on KuCoin further strengthens the alliance between the two Web3 businesses. On August 26, KuCoin announced that its venture capital arm KuCoin Ventures has made a strategic investment in Pixie. KuCoin has been extremely helpful in helping Pixie to promote the project and prepare it for listing.

Justin Chou, Chief Investment Officer of KuCoin, says:

“We are very excited about this deep partnership with Pixie to create a crypto maker economy that enables users to benefit from their data and their social activities.”

Pixie has integrated NFT functionality, and NFT Genesis cameras feature and support the performance of ETH and polygon-based NFTs.

Amjad Suleiman, Chief Business Officer of Pixie, says:

“I am sure that potential users will be fascinated by this app. Genesis cameras provide better user experience and give users more PIX rewards by posting and getting likes. Users are not only the creators of their posted photos, but also benefit from the power of actually owning their content.”

Amjad Suleman also says:

“Pixie chose KuCoin because it is a reputable exchange, and we believe in its strong ecosystem.”

about pixie

fairy Web3 has the world’s first fully functional crypto-based photo and video sharing social network, which defines the SocialFi concept. Users earn PIX cryptocurrency through their creations and social activities such as posting, liking and reposting.

Pixie Web3 allows users to display their Ethereum NFT assets in the Pixie app and share their NFTs with other users while earning PIX rewards accordingly. Pixie has made it possible for users to actually take ownership of their data, something that other social media platforms have come under fire for in recent years.

Social Crypto Earning Enabler Pixie Offers PIX Coins on KuCoin

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