Sparkadia’s AAA-Game NFT Collection Built by Riot & Blizzard Veterans Now Available to Buy on Rarible

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Sparkadia’s AAA-Game NFT Collection

Sparkadia’s AAA-Game NFT Collection  Worldspark Studio, Back Studio sparkadia has launched its first NFT sale, the “Sparkadia Origin Collection”. Powered by Immutable X, this initial collection of NFTs went live on September 20, 2022, on Rarible and TokenTrov.

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Sparkadia's AAA-Game NFT Collection
Sparkadia’s AAA-Game NFT Collection

What is Sparkadia?

sparkadia An “interconnected ecosystem of AAA-level games, brought together by a central hub world where players can jump between each game to watch their characters and stories come to life.” WorldSpark describes this hub-and-spoke model as an “arcade”, shying away from the Metaverse buzzword and instead describing its hub world as simply the lobby of the arcade.

Each of his games serves as a metaphorical arcade machine. The goal is to give people a real reason to visit this virtual space, so that players can fully immerse themselves in Sparkadia and express their virtual identity through the games played within it.

Edenbrawl Early Gameplay

Sparkadia’s first game, Adenbral, is a frenzied mashup of what many are calling “League of Legends Meets Rocket League.” The team claims that their biggest strength is that Adenbral is already fully playable and the initial response from influencers, content creators and guilds in the space has been overwhelmingly positive. Although the game is not yet open to the public, early gameplay footage and recorded play sessions are available from . are available for watch on youtube,

Gaming with blockchain, gaming with not blockchain

Key to Sparkadia’s vision is their plan for truly fun games that are enabled by the blockchain, not powered by it. He believes that mass adoption is not driven by earnings from Web3 games, but rather by educating players about asset ownership and the benefits of interconnectivity. To that end, they have proudly stated that their first games feature zero assets or NFT gameplay within Adenbral, meaning there are zero pay-to-win elements.

Additionally, they have announced that they are not backing any passive income or yield generation assets, assuming that players will come because they enjoy playing the game and that the intrinsic utility of entertainment is greater than the potential earnings for players. is more important. You are on their economic model. Additional information can be found at whitepaper found here,

Sparkadia Original NFT Collection

Their core collection is a set of 8 individual ‘Hero’ NFTs that, when collected in full, offer extensive bonuses across the Sparkadian ecosystem. Collectors are encouraged to receive a complete set for maximum bonuses, including a unique in-game trophy, increased in-game currency production, and even a discount on their future sales.

Despite the bear market, the WorldSpark team was excited to announce their game to the world. With zero community presence before their sale was announced a month ago, they’ve exploded in growth since, with massive increases in their followers on Twitter, Discord, and Telegram.

The sale is now live and NFT can be purchased here rare,

About Worldspark Studio

Worldspark Studios is a remote game development studio with a singular vision of making the world a little brighter, filling audiences with optimism and empowering everyone to discover and harness the unique spark inside them. Simply put, the company aims to create a world that leaves players happier and healthier than when they first log in.

His team of AAA vets played a major role in creating such famous titles as Destiny 2, Halo, League of Legends, Legends of Runterra, Valorant, Heroes of the Storm, and many more. For complete information about the collection, please Visit Sparkadia,

Sparkadia’s AAA-Game NFT Collection

Sparkadia Link: Website , Twitter , discord , to explore , Wire

Sparkadia’s AAA-Game NFT Collection Produced by Riot and Blizzard Veterans Now Available to Buy on Rare

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