Traders at an Institutional Crypto Firm Targeted by Hackers Since July 2022, Huobi Korea to Reportedly Cut Ties with Huobi Global

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security news

  • in early December, Microsoft published threat intelligence Linked to cybergroup DEV-0139: Hackers took advantage wire Chat group targeting cryptocurrency investment companies. Now, researchers from division seven (D7), safeguard cyberKey’s Threat Intelligence team confirmed that traders from an institutional crypto firm were targeted as of July 2022. As per the latest report, their forensic analysis identified a threat actor who was impersonating a trusted person to carry out a social engineering attack. efficiently. It said that “at this time frame, we discovered that the threat actor employed a strategy of impersonating a known employee of our customer organization in order to deliver the payload. […] The D7 team believes that DEV-0139’s use of elaborate trust building, as reported by Microsoft, was an adaptation to a possibly less successful, albeit easier, impersonation tactic.

exchange news

  • Huobi KoreaThe Huobi crypto exchange South Korean ready to break up with Huobi Global and run your business, According to News1. It has begun preparations to buy out the shares held by Huobi Global and change its name, it claimed.
  • Australian crypto exchange swiftx has decided to discontinue its Earn program on January 10 due to the ever-changing regulatory landscape Told, ,[W]The announcement added that we currently need more clarity on the regulation of crypto offerings such as Earn, and added that the company “expects[s] To be able to re-open the Earn program after these rules have been established.
  • binance got included in Association of Certified Restrictions Specialists (ACSS), an association of sanctions compliance professionals, Told an announcement. “The mandatory training session will be vital to equipping Binance’s ban team with the latest OFAC [the US Treasury Department’s Office of Foreign Assets Control] Guidelines on developing a sanctions compliance program. ACSS will also help ensure the team complies with sanctions orders and understands the risks of infringement in various jurisdictions.”
  • as well as federal prosecutors in New York, United States US Securities and Exchange Commission ,seconds), checking digital currency group (DCG) for internal transfers to its lending subsidiary ProduceBloomberg Reported, Prosecutors requested documents and interviews from the DCG, the report said, citing people familiar with the probe, while the SEC is also separately probing the DCG, they claimed.
  • we Federal Prosecutors Are Probing US Hedge Fund’s Dealings With Major Crypto Exchange binance As part of a long-running investigation into possible violations of money-laundering rules, The Washington Post Reported, In subpoenas sent in recent months, the US Attorney’s Office for the Western District of Washington in Seattle directed investment firms to hand over records of their communications with Binance, according to two of the people.

cbdc news

  • More than a year after its announcement, Mexicocentral bank digital currencycbdc) is still in the early stages and may not meet its 2024 launch date, El Sol de México Reported, Central Bank of Mexico (Banxico) is working on the legal, administrative and technical requirements for a digital version of the peso. The central bank is quoted as saying, “The outcome of this initial phase will include the preparation of a budget which is currently being determined, and this in turn will allow a possible date to be determined on which the CDBC will be available. “

payment news

  • CLOWD9A cloud-native and decentralized payment processing platform whose services include cryptocurrencies has partnered with global software company netstera As its payment security provider. CLOWD9 will use Netcetera’s 3-D Secure Issuer Service for transaction authentication and access control servers (ACS), Told Press release.

DeFi News

  • ton foundationA consortium of developers and enthusiasts working to advance open network (TON) said it has received applications from around the world for Hack-A-TONX DoorHacks – a 2-month virtual hackathon organized in collaboration with the global hacker organization dora hacks, To According to the press release, the hackathon will start on January 30 and a total of $180,000 will be awarded to the participants. toncoin (ton),

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