When the Bear Market Meets with the World Cup, How to Cast a Hundredfold Benefit under a Headwind at CoinSwap

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How to make a hundredfold profit under a headwind on CoinSwap when the bear market coincides with the World Cup

The quadrennial world carnival is slowly starting, and the 2022 Qatar World Cup will be officially held on November 21. For most fans of the crypto world in a bear market, it is not only a world football feast, but also a rare opportunity to make flip-flop profits. According to official news, to celebrate the World Cup and the official launch of the first open NFT market on the Caduceus chain, the world’s first decentralized metaverse financial one-stop service platform Coinswap.com “CWC NFT” (Coinswap World Cup) NFT ) will mint NFT series limited edition NFTs, customized for each team. Users can collect cards to make “World Cup cards”, “Top 4 cards” and get high bonuses at low cost, get a hundred times the income!

In order to let all users feel the charm of soccer tournaments and allow Coinswap fans to play with their favorite soccer teams in a more trendy way, Coinswap.com has added soccer tournaments with NFTs to play Super interesting mods have been designed that inspire the 32 teams in the 2022 Qatar World Cup. The total number of NFT team cards issued this time is 200,000, of which Qatar is the rare host NFT with only 32 cards issued; Each of the eight traditionally strong teams, namely Brazil, France, Argentina, England, Spain, Germany, the Netherlands and Belgium, has 100 cards.

The main gameplay of this “CWC NFT” event is to collect the respective team NFTs to share the huge prize pool: collect all 32 team NFTs to make a “World Cup Card”, and each “World Cup Card” will have a prize of 15,000 USDT; Collect the Top 4 NFTs from 4 World Cups, you can create a “Top 4 Card” and share 45% of the prize pool. Last but not least, be the 50,000th, 100,000th, 150,000th and 200,000th blind box buyer who can share in the HUGE FOMO rewards. The event is very honest, the participation limit is very low, the cost of one mint is only 50 CMP, the fee is negligible. For less than the cost of a glass of bar brew, you could have the chance to win a million dollar prize. If you can integrate the “World Cup Card”, the return is a hundred times greater than the real deal! Even if you don’t succeed in placing a bet on the final top four, the combination of the tamper-evident, traceable nature of the NFT and the legendary moments left behind by each team in the tournament has gained immense collector value and appreciation. There will be a possibility.

CWC NFTs for popular teams are rare and need to be liquidated ASAP, but the good news is that the first open NFT market on the Caduceus ecosystem is also coming to Coinswap.com in time for the World Cup. All CWC NFTs are freely tradable on Coinswap.com’s NFT Market, the first open NFT market based on the Metaverse public chain. Users can freely create their own image, audio and video NFTs; As an open NFT marketplace, they can freely set royalties for trading; and support cross-market trading of NFTs on the same chain at very low fees.

Caduceus is an open infrastructure platform for the metaverse and the digital world, dedicated to providing decentralized rendering, edge computing, 3D technologies, and XR augmented reality technologies to metaverse developers and creators.

Coinswap.com integrates cloud mining, decentralized autonomous organization (DAO), decentralized exchange (DEX), Launchpad and other decentralized financial service measures, and is the world’s first decentralized cloud trading protocol, as well as the world’s first decentralized trading platform is what the platform realizes. Coins against handling fees. Nowadays, Coinswap.com will start a new journey in NFT market, and gradually build the world’s first decentralized metaverse financial one-stop service platform.

Caduceus and Coinswap.com have joined forces as a powerful next-generation public chain. The CWC Limited Edition NFT’s collector value and extremely high return rate could bring a profitable opportunity for most users to turn the tide against the bear market.

How to get a hundredfold on Coinswap under headwinds when the bear market coincides with the World Cup

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