Wondering How to Earn 100x Returns? Here’s Why Dogeliens, The Sandbox, and Cosmos are Your Best Options

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The success of cryptocurrencies has paved the way for new and innovative blockchain-based assets in the financial services market, especially the likes of meme coins which are a meme-inspired cryptocurrency. These assets provide an investor with the same functionality as any regular cryptocurrency and their value fluctuates with their popularity on social media. With advances in blockchain technology, innovators are coming up with meme coins that also have practical use cases, leaving investors spoiled for choice.

If you are struggling with the choice between regular cryptocurrencies and meme coins, you can always research some of the top names like Dogelians (DOGET), The Sandbox (SAND), and Cosmos (ATOM) and then make an informed decision. Here is a look at some of the key features of the three cryptocurrencies.

Dogelians: Puptopia Out to Lure Crypto Investors

dogeliens There is a meme coin which is creating a lot of buzz in the cryptocurrency market with its unique features and unique use case. The meme coin draws inspiration from the space species of dog aliens that live on the planet Puptopia.

Wondering how to earn 100x returns?  Here's Why Dogelians, The Sandbox, and Cosmos Are Your Best Choices

The Dogelions team hopes to capitalize on the success of popular meme coins such as Dogecoin and Shiba Inu, moving forward with their state-of-the-art features and investor-friendly strategies. It also has a native token, DOGET, which is the primary cryptocurrency used on the network. The token will be used for all types of transaction purposes on the platform such as staking, token swapping and liquidity pool provisioning, among others.

The open-source platform will enable users to stake, buy and sell tokens and currencies without the intervention of third-party institutions. Buyers will be able to transact securely and anonymously at cost-effective rates. Other key features that Dogeliens has offered to its users include the University of Barkington where users can enroll in specialized courses on blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies.

Users can look forward to funny video content and articles to learn about these topics in a fun and interactive way. The platform will set aside 3% from each transaction for its charity wallet. At the end of each month, the Dogaleans community will vote to select a charity that will receive the money raised throughout the month.

Wondering how to earn 100x returns?  Here's Why Dogelians, The Sandbox, and Cosmos Are Your Best Choices

Cryptostache Invites Developers to Build Assets for the Sandbox

sandbox Earn to Play is a platform where users can play blockchain-based games in various avatars and win tokens and NFTs as rewards. The community-driven platform allows its users to monetize their Voxel assets while creating new gaming experiences. The native token of the platform is the primary cryptocurrency for the SAND network and is used for all kinds of transactional purposes. recently, cryptostache Announced a funded proposal to build assets for The Sandbox and invited developers to pitch ideas for making games on the theme of Secret Agents.

Cosmos outperforms Ethereum in terms of staking yield

universe It is an interconnected ecosystem that facilitates the seamless transfer of data and assets through the Interconnected Blockchain (IBC) protocol. It has rolled out a native token called ATOM which is used on the network for other transactional uses as well as for placing bets, earning rewards and paying fees. recently bloomberg report Claimed that Cosmos was one of only two proof-of-stake blockchains that surpassed Ethereum in terms of yield. The second blockchain to beat Ethereum was Polkadot.

Dogelians, The Sandbox and Cosmos all check the right boxes when it comes to investor interest, but if you’re looking for an option with long-term growth potential, then Dogelians is where you should put your many. Mem Coin is receiving good reviews from cryptocurrency analysts and is expected to potentially surpass 100x returns in no time.

Learn more about Dogelians (DOGET): pre Sales, Website, Wire,

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