CASETiFY Will Bridge Gap Between NFTs And Physical Products

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Popular tech accessory brand CASETiFY will launch a Web3 venture called ARTFT and embark into the non-fungible token (NFTs) sector. According to a press release, ARTFT will operate as the developer of the metaverse and digital collectibles with a “physical spin”.

The launch will mark a major milestone in the NFTs sector as CASETiFY will be one of the first brands with a “proven track record in the licensing space” to create and offer a digital item to its customers. The new digital assets will be “exclusive”, per the press release, and exchangeable between owners.

The company is yet to announce a genesis pass and minting data for its new digital collection. Customers with an ARTFT pass will have access to exclusive benefits, such as a lifetime supply of limited edition CASETiFY phone cases, unique access to a new model that will enable them to earn extra rewards, and access to future drops, according to the press release.

Bridging NFTs And Physical Items Into A “Phygital Economy”

ARTFT will be a new step in CASETiFY’s attempts to break into the NFTs sector and provides the customer with a unique opportunity to “bridge” a digital asset with a physical asset. The company refers to this model as “phygital experience”, a combination of digital assets with an “extensive product line-up of premium accessories”.

CASETiFY has been cooperating with the popular NFT collection Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC), and other major brands such as Harry Potter, Star Wars, and Disney by creating unique accessories. This cooperation might be taken to the next level by providing customers with exclusive access to “phygital components” and perks, physical products, and more.

CASETiFY CEO and Co-Founder Wes NF said:

Long-term sustainability in the web3 space is achievable only when a brand is able to develop trust within the community. The launch of ARTFT will allow our audience new means of connecting with their favorite creators in a way that’s accessible and secure, whilst empowering creatives and artists in the web3 space to build a never-seen-before bridge between the physical and digital collectible space.

ARTFT is expected to use its exclusive digital collectibles to bridge the gap between NFTs and physical products, allowing fandoms a next-level experience of their own NFTs. Source: CASETiFY.

How NFTs Can Enter A New Era Of Adoption

Wes has been an active member of the crypto community and an NFT investor. Via his Twitter account, the CASETiFY founder outlined some of the characteristics digital assets must offer to push them into a new era of adoption. These included:

  • Aesthetical beauty.
  • Utility.
  • Improve user experience.

Wes claims the sector is still in its early days, improvement of these aspects might take it from only 10 million NFT owners around the world to hundreds of millions. The executive concluded:

Casetify is the biggest tech accessory brand in the world, and we have collaborated with 100+ signature IPs/brands/artists. We are perfectly positioned to bridge the web2 world, and bring collab into the web3 space.

ETH’s price moving sideways on the 4-hour chart. Source: ETHUSDT Tradingview

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