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The food industry started to enter the cryptocurrency market and for many it would have been better to do it sooner. There are numerous issues with how the distribution and safety of the products have been conducted since then.

Before conventional food companies entered the crypto space, there were numerous challenges in tracking the provenance of the food; now there will be no problem regarding traceability.

Now we have GoMeat first of its kind, one of the most necessary platforms that will regain consumer confidence in the distribution process.

The GoMeat Platform

The platform is a blockchain-based marketplace that connects users to specialist meat retail businesses that primarily sell fresh halal and kosher meat products and a variety of other products such as red meat, poultry, and fish.

They hope to expand to the United States and other western countries, where specialty meats are not sold in regular supermarkets. GoMeat adds electronic payment options in traditional fiat currencies to the current online presence of kosher and halal meat stores.

They offer customers the chance to connect with local specialty stores for traditional services. In addition, the platform offers a new approach for people to obtain fresh and healthy meat.

GoMeat is a logistics technology company rather than a meat vendor, and they provide a marketplace for buying and selling specialized meats.

Features that make GoMeat unique

The platform is not explicitly built for customers but also for wholesalers and retailers worldwide. The GoMeat platform provides services to businesses at no technical cost.

Self-employed entrepreneurs, small-scale retailers and family businesses can all benefit from these services. They provide all the necessary technology to meet the expectations of the customers.

One of the main features of GoMeat is its blockchain technology. It ensures that Halal and Kosher certificates are authentic and valid for any store that sells such items.

This tracking system provides information about the breeding behavior and living conditions of the animals.

And since most stores are unable to invest in digitization services due to the high costs and revenue challenges, the retailers are only charged up to 15%, while the customers are charged a 7% service fee.

The platform includes systems for the continuous collection, analysis and processing of customer data. It also includes some practical and out-of-the-box tools that are effective for sales, marketing, analytics, and customer feedback.

Orders and adapting their existing business model to an easy and elegant experience, the leading performance indicators, allowing traders to quickly adapt to any changes in demand.

They provide 12/7 support and any customer related issues can be resolved through the GoMeat program. Payments are processed in fiat currency and other wallets, direct deposits and available account services.


The platform also features a token with a pre-ICO sale price of $1, a total token soft cap of $250,000 reached midway through the pre-ICO, and a total sale cap of $1,510,000.

Expanding to new places as there is a fairly high demand for such a service in western countries where specialized meat is scarce and especially during the pandemic.

So far, the number of orders has surpassed 6000, which have been obtained solely through word of mouth, requiring a significant portion of the money raised to be used for marketing. The token will also be used to make purchases on the open market and through consumer rewards distribution systems.

The GoMeat token also includes notable features of their burning process that will help regulate and increase GOMT value, protect GOMT holders’ purchasing power, and promote GOMT’s utility over time. With a limited supply, their burning process will continuously increase the utility of the token and provide additional value to holders.

Burn Burn Mechanism consists of:

  • All unsold tokens will be burned
  • 3% GoMeat revenue is burned from the quarter after completion of the ICO
  • 4% turnover in 2022 and 5% in 2023 is burned every quarter
  • Upon reaching $3 million in annual gross volume, an additional 3% is burned each quarter
  • An extra 3% is burned for every order paid with crypto

Consumers can use the token to place orders, receive free deliveries, get incredible discounts on every order, and the stores that have a certain amount of tokens receive free marketing.

The GOMT can be bartered and traded on crypto exchanges, but the founders’ primary goal for the token is to promote its usage reasons. Drivers who choose token payments will receive orders with priority. GoMeat’s excellent burning mechanism coupled with the limited stock (only 5 million) and a real use case make it a promising project to look forward to.


The GoMeat platforms have revolutionary services that will have a significant impact on our lives as they change the way we perform our daily tasks. They offer more than an initiative; they present a creative idea for everyone.

Now people can watch the whole process of meat production from start to finish, from where it comes from to it reaches the person. It is safer, more pleasant and accessible to everyone.

They also offer small businesses the opportunity to build their business by leveraging digitization. With GoMeat you can expect the most excellent products on the market and lead a safer and healthier lifestyle.

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