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IMPT is a brand new cryptocurrency focused on improving the world of carbon credits.

The project has been gaining traction with impressive rates of participation in its pre-sale during the past few weeks.

The company has now successfully raised nearly $13m to fund its vision – which is all the more impressive when one considers that crypto markets are currently extremely bearish, with most assets well below last year’s highs.

The current system of carbon credits is archaic

The current state of carbon credits relies on an antiquated system in which carbon credits are issued by the state for use by companies.

This means that it becomes prohibitively more expensive for companies to pollute in any given year, as Low carbon credits are issued each year,

It is an outdated system which means that carbon credits struggle when it comes to scaling up and having a large impact.

Furthermore, the current system of carbon credits is such that they are very difficult to trade, and they are very opaque.

Encouraging “Responsible Shopping”

The IMPT hopes to use the carbon credits not for the benefit of big polluters, but for consumers.

By rewarding consumers who make purchases with highly ESG friendly companies, they are able to ensure that ESG companies become better capitalized and encourage other companies to get on board as well.

Anyone who makes a purchase through the IMPT platform (choosing from over 25,000 different companies) is eligible to earn IMPT rewards in the form of cash back.

Currently, the IMPT team has been successful in onboarding a range of influential names through its affiliate program with industry giants such as Big Boss, Netflix and Microsoft.

Carbon credits in the form of NFTs

By using NFTs as carbon credits, The entire ecosystem of carbon credits can be made more efficient, more transparent and fairer.

When a consumer earns IMPT as cashback for their spends, they can choose to either hold the token or redeem it for Carbon Credit NFTs.

The redemption process means that the IMPT is burned, making the token scarce.

Nearly $13 Million Raised in Pre-Sale

IMPT pre-sales making steady progress And has now successfully raised just under $13 million.

The pre-sale is being conducted in such a way that the IMPT price increases gradually with each stage.

Currently, the token is being sold at a price of $0.023, but it will rise to $0.028 in the next phase of the pre-sale.

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