Football Metaverse to Launch with 100% Payback to NFT Holders

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Football Metaverse will launch with 100% payback to NFT holders

Football Metaverse will launch with 100% payback to NFT holders

World Cup 2022 is less than a month away and we are sure you are just as excited for this special event as we are! Covid has affected us badly over the years and we are sure that the World Cup 2022 will bring back the joy and festive mood in all of us!

To celebrate WC2022, FMEX has previously announced the release of a special set of NFTs based on their football players with Borussia Dortmund (BVB). The official launch and mint date has been set for 1 November 2022. With extensive utilities and fan rewards, FMEX is focused on revolutionizing the NFT games market and bringing some heat to the current crypto winter.

The BVB NFT Collection is a set of mystery boxes divided into 6 different rare levels, such as Normal, Uncommon, Rare, Super Rare, Ultra Rare and Secret Rare. With each level, there are utilities associated with them, with the level of rarity being revealed to buyers after the reveal date. Let’s follow and introduce the exciting benefits for different levels.

For the top 3 tiers (Super Rare, Ultra Rare and Secret Rare), these lucky holders will be given access to exclusive FMEX benefits. This means that you will enjoy exclusive merchandise from BVB (such as signed jerseys), high stakes rewards, high levels of in-game benefits, tickets for international matches and many more.

For common, uncommon and rare holders of their BVB NFTs, they will be awarded WL spots for future launches, in-game profits, wagering, etc. Most importantly, FMEX is ensuring 100% payback of the initial launch price of NFTs through FMEX’s airdrop. Tokens (FMEX tokens will be listed on a major CEX)! FMEX will give back to NFT owners the same amount that they have purchased through the airdrop event for BVB NFTs. This would mean that the first 3 tiers of BVB NFT holders would basically get the NFT for free with the benefits of additional utilities. Interested NFT buyers can find more information on FMEX’s official website and media links.

FMEX will release a more exciting line-up of football collections starting 1 November, which includes partnerships with Real Betis and Andres Iniesta. check them out Web Page And TwitterFor more updates.

Football Metaverse will launch with 100% payback to NFT holders

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