HotBit Welcomes Tongtongcoin ($TTC) – a Perfect Match Made on Blockchain

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HotBit welcomes Tongtongcoin ($TTC) – a perfect match built on the blockchain

Having launched with an impressive roadmap, Tongtongcoin has achieved a lot in the number of innovations it has introduced in the growth and expansion of the payments market ecosystem in the world.

Tongtongcoin is a revolutionary coin that significantly reduces transaction fees for existing payment systems such as credit cards and cash as well as bank fees for online remittance services. It also facilitates payment gateway and remittance processes.

As a native coin with its own blockchain, Tongtoncoin is characterized by a total supply of $1,000,000,000 TTC at the time of making this report, and with a user-friendly interface for anonymously dispersed management of assets, Tongtoncoin is widely used in the world. Enables the adoption of cryptocurrencies. and brings greater connectivity to the world through smart payment systems by returning you the monopoly advantages of existing financial companies.

The team said:

“TongtongCoin can reduce transaction fees by up to 1/10 compared to existing payment gateways and remittance systems.”

As a group of highly dedicated blockchain experts, the team behind TongtongCoin found that the barrier between digital assets and the operational problems faced by consumers and merchants was broken by using blockchain technology and improving existing payment systems. can go. With this solution, you can employ Tongtongcoin as a payment method to easily process transactions with very low fees and send and receive Tongtongcoin and other coins as easily as you would with your friends. let’s chat. In other words, TongTong Wallet works based on TongTong Messenger.

After recording an all-time low (ATL) of $0.0393 on the fourth day of September 2022 and an all-time high (ATH) of $0.142 on the 22nd day of September 2022, it is becoming clear that Tongtongcoin has a lot of potential yet to be uncovered. Its impact on daily and real-life transactions is clear and obvious, including rewarding users for creative activities done online.

Although there are currently over 50,000 active community members from around the world, experts envisage a huge increase in the number of investors the project will attract in the coming months.

With the recent collaboration with HotBit, Tongtongcoin is set to improve upon what it has achieved so far to champion its cause as a leader in the payment systems industry.

Join the Tongtongcoin community today for more information: Website, Twitter, Wire,

About Hotbit Exchange

The Hotbit exchange is a leading global digital asset trading platform, with a total of over 2000 trading pairs and was ranked No. 1 among all exchanges with respect to the number of types of cryptocurrency projects listed. So far, Hotbit has accumulated over 7 million registered users from over 210 countries and territories around the world. To learn more about Hotbit, visit their Website or follow them Twitter For more updated news and promotions.

HotBit welcomes Tongtongcoin ($TTC) – a perfect match built on the blockchain

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