How KNOWHERE Deploys the Potential of Blockchain to Build an Exhaustive Virtual Ecosystem

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HOW KNOWHERE Employs The Potential Of Blockchain To Build An Entire Virtual Ecosystem

Emerging at the forefront of blockchain innovation, KNOWHERE is the ultimate international platform for upcoming blockchain technology projects. Overall, KNOWHERE aims to establish a community focused on the individuals, culture and fashion that has the NFT heritage.

Establishing the Ultimate Blockchain Ecosystem

By building a suite of digital solutions in alignment with blockchain technologies, KNOWHERE establishes the foundation of a complete ecosystem where anyone interested in the potential of blockchain will be able to explore all aspects of it on this platform. Going forward, KNOWHERE aims to build a bridge between the world of Web 2.0 and Web 3.0. In this quest, they want everyone to take their first step on the metaverse with KNOWHERE, establishing their second life right here.

KNOWHERE NFT combines all the essential features of the sector in one convenient package, which includes Launchpad and Marketplace. Users are able to buy and sell their own NFT collections on the site, which KNOWHERE intends to position as the foremost NFT marketplace for fashionable collections. What’s more, users are able to begin their second existence in the metaverse once KNOWHERE occurs.

Ultimately, their long-term objective is to become the industry standard by creating virtual city blocks in the metaverse and becoming a bellwether for the sector. People will be able to make new friends who share their tastes and engage in active trading of their property, and KNOWHERE will become the first place where you will check the most recent information and updates.


KNOWHERE mainly deals with the trendy and popular niche of the NFT market. The original inspiration for the name was the Marvel film “Guardians of the Galaxy”, in which the place KNOWHERE was created by the severed head of an old celestial creature. These aliens appeared in yet another Marvel movie “Eternal”, which was released in 2014. Thus, in part, people’s early assumptions about the metaverse are aware that it exists everywhere, yet is nothing and is possibly abstract. This is because it is present everywhere but seems to be nothing.

Combined with a campaign to deploy the innovative potential of the blockchain sector, the team behind KNOWHERE was accustomed to focusing on the streetwear and fashion industry. Ultimately, this breakthrough platform aims to foster an iconic community in the world of Web 3.0 that can bring together people from all walks of life, including sneakerheads, hipsters, streetwear enthusiasts and creative artists. Everyone who has a positive attitude and is eager to do something different is welcome within the bounds of KNOWHERE.


As one of the main pillars of this successful ecosystem, the KNOWHERE app for the Metaverse is about to be released. In this quest, the step-by-step execution of operations such as metaverse-image design, identity creation, transactions and listings can be enabled by modeling techniques that enable the creation of a 3D avatar.

In the current phase, KNOWHERE consists of two parts: KNOWHERE (Web) and KNOWHERE (App). KNOWHERE offers a decentralized NFT platform that includes a marketplace and a launchpad, in addition to all other basic components. after assessing Know Digital CollectiblesIndividuals can buy and sell their NFT collections to each other. In addition, Nohair will assist designers in the process of converting artworks on chains into one-of-a-kind assets, enabling free trade and circulation.

K-Brick – Fundamental Unit of KNOWHERE

KNOWHERE intends to take the first step towards the creation of a minor planet. When you join KNOWHERE, you will get a token called “K-Brick”. Users will be able to earn bricks by participating in various events and sharing their creative works using their avatars. Most user interactions will build bricks, which are tokens that can be used for further uses, such as building a store for your brand in the KNOWHERE metaverse.

This token, which acts as a long-term reserve asset, has the potential to connect users, developers, project managers and validators so that all these parties can profit and earn incentives for their participation. Because of this, it will go a long way in building a thriving ecosystem that is both comprehensive and fluid.

Therefore, users who trade on KNOWHERE or use the KNOWHERE APP are able to deposit K-bricks in their accounts. K-bricks will eventually be blockchain-capitalized at a later stage, and the team plans to do so at some point in the future. In the Metaverse, K-bricks will be used to build, trade and build stores.

KID – An important pillar in the KNOWHERE ecosystem

As another important component of this initiative, KNOWHERE has launched a new Internet service: KID, a DID domain name that disrupts the traditional paradigm of domain names for building decentralized websites. In the absence of the approval and restraint of outside parties, the ownership of KID can be enjoyed continuously. In addition to being a unique domain name, the KID can also be used as an address to mine cryptocurrencies on-chain. Furthermore, by replacing complex, long wallet addresses, KID simplifies cryptocurrency transfers.

The KID can also be used as a username to log into various apps in Web 3.0. In addition to being easy to recall, transact and airdrop, KID enables independent hosted functions to realize self-expression, content-publishing, project-releasing, etc. All artists, musicians and brand creators can install and use their own KID for showcases, art performances and music releases.

NFT Collection – Coming Soon

It is worth mentioning that KNOWHERE is also going to release its own NFT collection, this collection will include 2 types of NFT avatars, and avatar customization, wearables and features will also be available.

Each wearable is an NFT based on ERC-721, so you can easily trade it in the metaverse not only on KNOWHERE. At the same time, KNOWHERE is tying up with other streetwear brands to launch limited edition outfits. In the future, KNOWHERE will help users design their own accessories. Creating a Metaverse brand on KNOWHERE sounds like a great idea.

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HOW KNOWHERE Employs The Potential Of Blockchain To Build An Entire Virtual Ecosystem

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