IMPT presale has now raised almost $13m

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During the past few weeks, the collapse of FTX has led to severe downtrends in the crypto market. The infection is spreading to the wider ecosystem and many other companies have already gone bankrupt. However, there are some pre-sales that are doing extremely well despite the slowdown, and IMPT is one of them.

IMPT is a brand new green cryptocurrency that has now raised nearly $13m for its plan to completely change the carbon credit market for the better and forever.

The pre-sale is selling out very quickly, and has attracted many investors from around the world.

Encouraging “Responsible Shopping”

Traditionally, carbon credits have been used by governments to encourage companies to pollute less: governments distribute a certain number of carbon credits (which decrease each year) and give companies the right to pollute. For that they have to buy.

This means that it becomes progressively more expensive for large companies to be able to pollute, which means that carbon emissions are subsequently substantially reduced.

In the case of IMPT, the team instead rewards consumers who make purchases through their shopping platform, and rewards them with IMPT in the form of cash back. The amount consumers are rewarded depends on the company they are purchasing through and the arrangement with that company for their ESG quota.

The IMPT tokens that are given as cash back can then be held or traded, and if anyone wishes to redeem them, they can do so in exchange for carbon credits in the form of NFTs. The redemption process involves burning the IMPT, which means that Tokens gradually become scarcer over time,

Win $100k in IMPT

The Impact Project team is currently gifting $100k worth of IMPT tokens.

To be eligible for the $100k reward, investors must follow the instructions on the platform, participate in the IMPT pre-sale, and have some IMPT tokens in their wallet for when the team decides to draw the IMPT.

IMPT continues to add more companies to its platform

IMPT platform continues to bring more companies on board its shopping platform During the last few weeks, more than 25,000 companies have now joined through their affiliate program.

Thus far, there have been a range of industry giants such as Amazon, Netflix and Microsoft that have already joined the platform.

This system creates a symbiotic relationship between companies and consumers: consumers support companies that are ESG-friendly, meaning that consumers are rewarded for helping these companies become better capitalized.

IMPT pre-sale has now raised nearly $13m

IMPT pre-sales going strongAnd it’s selling out fast.

Currently, the price of IMPT token is being sold at a price of $0.018, but it will rise to $0.023 in the next phase of the presale, given that the presale is being conducted in a series of phases.

Those who wish to participate in the pre-sale of IMPT can do so now on IMPT’s website.

For those who wish to stay abreast with the latest developments in the IMPT ecosystem, must make themselves aware IMPT Twitter Page And this IMPT Telegram Group,

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