Whales Believe These 3 Coins Have Potential to 25x By 2023 – What Do They Know?

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At the end of the year, crypto investors may want to take stock and rebalance their portfolios to take advantage of future gains. This article will examine some of these digital assets and the fundamentals that may be supporting their price increases.

Dash 2 Trade (D2T)

Despite the current downturn in the market, many expect the crypto market to see an influx of investors entering the new year. And as things stand, many of these new investors will need a way to review their trading positions and refine their moves.

dash 2 business Looking to meet this demand. The self-described “Bloomberg terminal for crypto” provides high-quality research and analytical tools to help investors optimize their moves and make informed decisions.

From a high-quality application program interface (API) to a strategy builder and notifications on new coins and presales, Dash 2 Trade hopes to provide high-quality information and help investors regardless of their needs. .

The platform’s native token, D2T, will power the platform’s operations.

The property is now available for pre-sale and has already raised over $5.5 million from investors.

D2T sells for 0.0513 USDT, which will increase to 0.0533 USDT in the next presale phase.

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Robotera (Tarot)

Robotera is a new platform that will delight gaming fans and the metaverse. Its TARO token recently started its pre-sale.

robot era is a metaverse platform focused on world-recreation and immersive experiences. Here, players get a chance to enter a virtual world where they can buy and develop land.

They can buy properties and other assets within the Metaverse to populate and develop it. In many ways, Robotera is similar to names like Decenterland and The Sandbox.

All items sold at Robotera are non-fungible token (NFT), Therefore, players own whatever they build and can directly benefit from it.

Another advantage of Robotera is the possibility to connect with other players. The platform allows you to enjoy things like music, games, and other experiences, creating accommodations for people who want to socialize.

Taro, the platform’s native token, recently has started its pre-sale, The digital asset is selling at $0.020, but its price is also expected to increase as it completes more pre-sale phases.

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Impact Project (MPT)

Environmental, social and government (ESG) investing has become another high growth space. As investors seek to make money, they seek to make a mark on the world by funding projects that have a positive impact in various places.

At this time, one of the biggest challenges facing the world is climate change. And of course, the blockchain space still needs to do its fair share to contribute towards solving this problem. impact project Hope will be the initiative that changes that.

Built on the Ethereum blockchain, impact project Focuses on streamlining the purchase and trading of carbon credits. The initiative is expected to make it easier for individuals and businesses to trade these credits, which they can use to offset their carbon footprints.

Most of the credits sold on this platform will be non-fungible tokens (NFTs), and the proceeds will be used to safely and transparently fund a number of environmental protection efforts.

The Impact Project has already built a network of more than 25,000 partners, all committed to improving the state of the world’s climate. Some of the big names in this network include Microsoft, Netflix, and Amazon. Some retailers have integrated the project into their operations, earmarking part of their revenue for carbon credit purchases.

IMPT available on pre-sale, has already raised over $13 million. Investors can buy 1 IMPT for $0.023.

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