Gala Games Price is Giving Back Some Gains So Maybe It’s Time to Consider This Crypto Web3 Game Alternative

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In recent times, GALA has been on the rise, thanks in part to highly publicized partnerships with Hollywood stars Mark Wahlberg and Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson. This partnership helped boost the price of Gala Games’ crypto Web3 game token by an impressive 150% in the first 10 days of January alone.

However, the price of GALA is currently experiencing a decrease of 9.25% for the day. Despite this minor setback, many investors are keeping a close watch cryptocurrency And when it goes through a normal period of retracement due to buyers, Gala Price predicts where it could go next. Exhaustion,

Fiesta Price Prediction and Technical Analysis

Exponential Moving Average (EMA) and Gala Price

The current price is trading above both the shorter and longer term EMAs which suggest a bullish outlook for the long term future. Additionally, there was a recent crossover of the 20-day EMA with the 50-day EMA, with the 100-day EMA as the next potential target. It is considered a positive sign when the EMAs are arranged in a bullish alignment, which can further confirm the bullish trend.

How can the Relative Strength Index (RSI) affect the Gala price?

After trading in oversold levels for the past three days and peaking at 87.50, a retracement could take the RSI down to 70 for a possible price consolidation. At the time of writing, the GALA RSI stands at 76.21.

Gala Price Prediction and Moving Average Convergence Divergence (MACD)

The MACD of GALA is still in a bullish crossover position and has been in the same position for the last nine days. The indicator is still above the zero line, and with today’s open red candle, the histogram has indicated a slight decrease in the separation between the MACD and the signal line. Overall, the bias of the MACD indicator remains bullish.

Gala price support and resistance

After getting rejected from the $0.04330 to $0.04442 resistance range for two consecutive days, the price of crypto web 3 game token GALA is sitting at $0.03776 as of writing – down 9.25% for the day.

plotting a Fibonacci Retracement Levels The recent movement of Gala suggests a potential support level towards which the price could possibly bounce. FIB 0.382 at $0.03733 is a potential support while FIB 0.5 at $0.03315 is perfectly matched with the resistance range of $0.03134 to $0.0383.

Alternative crypto web3 game project worth considering

In the world of blockchain-based gaming, Gala Games has been a prominent player for some time now. Although, recent market conditions The price of its token, GALA, has declined, and there is certainly no guarantee that the price will get back to its recent highs anytime soon. As a result, the investor may be at look for new opportunities Those in the web 3 space haven’t already seen most of their gains. One such project worth considering is MEMAG, the world’s first mobile-focused Web3 gaming guild.

Meta Masters Guild ($MEMAG)

The Meta Masters Guild (aka MMG) has a mission to create high-quality, blockchain-integrated mobile games that will create a decentralized gaming ecosystem, allowing members to earn rewards in exchange for their contributions.

The core of this ecosystem is a single currency, the Meta Masters Guild Token ($MEMAG), which will be used across all MMG games. In-game rewards, called “Gems”, can be converted to $MEMAG and players will have the option of cashing out or reinvesting in the ecosystem in a variety of ways. company lightpaper, The system is designed to incentivize players to invest both their time and money in the ecosystem, while ensuring that they are fairly compensated for their investment.

A fun and immersive gaming experience thanks to Crypto Web3 Games

Fun is a top priority at MMG and the company pledges not to let blockchain integration, tokenization, and earning mechanisms get in the way of what really matters – an interactive and fun gameplay experience for the player.

Sustainability is another important aspect, building a sustainable economy model requires a stable player base, and a fun and engaging game to keep players playing.

MMG Crypto introduces Play and Earn (P&E) gaming into the web3 games space, with the aim of providing high-quality, fun games that players will want to spend money on, and then earn them back and compensated for the value. Will give an opportunity to give. They provide to the ecosystem. Unlike the traditional play-to-earn (P2E) concept, which is flawed, where the focus is only on earnings, P&E provides a holistic view of both play and earnings.

By providing a high-quality, engaging gameplay experience and a sustainable economy model, MMG hopes to attract and retain a large player base. As more players join the ecosystem, the Meta Masters Guild Token is expected to increase in value, providing even more earning opportunities for players.

Visit the Meta Masters Guild now

Ownership and Community in Crypto Web3 Games

One of the key features of MMG’s ecosystem is that players actually own the in-game assets. All in-game assets are proprietary, verifiable and tradable on the Ethereum blockchain. This allows for decentralization of the ecosystem, which in turn increases the incentive for players to purchase these assets, as they know that these assets are 100% tradable, immutable, and under their control.

Community engagement is also a major focus for MMG. Multiplayer games thrive on their community and the company wants to make sure that their community is with them every step of the way. The voice of players will help shape the future development of the ecosystem and MMG will be proactive in engaging its community and involving them in decision making.

This approach helps create a strong sense of ownership and community among players, which is expected to further the growth of the ecosystem and the value of the Meta Masters Guild token.

Problems with the gaming industry

The gaming industry is one of the most violent industries today. Giant gaming corporations own the rights to all our favorite titles, but they often fail to make the games to a proper standard. They use extortionate monetization techniques and make billions every year, while the core player base, which is what makes these games so special, sees zero of this money returned to them. These corporations ignore the feedback of their community, all great games are built on the basis of the community.

MMG aims to fight against these practices by creating a decentralized and fair ecosystem that puts the player first. They believe that an open in-game economy will greatly increase the amount of investment in a game and that web3 games will comprehensively eclipse traditional games in terms of the volume of trade of their in-game economies. MMG’s ecosystem is built on transparency, fairness and community engagement as opposed to the predatory practices in the traditional gaming industry.

Upcoming Crypto Web3 Games on Meta Masters Guild

MMG is all set to launch its first title Meta Kart Racers, a PvP racing game built for mobile devices. Players will compete in the Meta Kart World Championship, where they can earn rewards in the form of Gems, which can be converted into MEMAGs.

The game features high-quality graphics, immersive gameplay, and a variety of unlockable characters and items. More games are in the pipeline, each of them will have unique features and gameplay styles to cater to different types of audiences.

A New Era of Gaming Innovation for Crypto Web3 Games

Meta Masters Guild (MMG) is the future of gaming, a revolutionary concept that brings together high quality mobile games and blockchain technology to create a decentralized gaming ecosystem. MMG allows players to earn rewards for their contributions, and to truly own and control in-game assets.

By prioritizing fun gameplay and stability, MMG is creating a fair, transparent and engaging gaming experience that puts players first. With the launch of Meta Kart Racers and more games in the pipeline, MMG is on its way to revolutionize the gaming industry.

Visit the Meta Masters Guild now

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